Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour

So a couple of weeks ago the amazingly kind Charlotte from CharlotteAdele sent me a couple of boxes full of goodies because my blogger mail opening on snapchat consisted of my council tax bill, not the most interesting to be opening, right. So this absolute GIRLBOSS took her time to send me a load of amazing stuff because she's dead kind like that. Have a look at her stunning blog here and stare in awe at her photography.

These Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours were included in the plethora of beauty related wonders that Charlotte sent me and I am in love with them. I haven't used any Revlon products in years because I like to stick to what I know (not very good when you have a blog) but these little colourful matte babies have turned my head toward the land of Revlon. 

The soft velvety wand combined with the HD pigment and moisturising formula means that this stuff stays put without going crusty and flaking off at the first whiff of coffee. We all know by now that dry lips are the bane of my life and makes wearing my favourite beauty product frustrating when, specifically matte products turn my lips into hell on earth. The product dries quickly and evenly allowing it to be buildable to create a bolder and more intense look when needed without going all Jenna Marbles in her 100 layers of liquid lipstick challenge. 

Although the shades are matte, they have a velvet slight shine to them which is down to the moisturising elements. As you can see from the swatches above, they're certainly high definition (hence the name) the four shades suit my skin tone perfectly and are true the packaging (something that bugs me with other products). Talking of packaging, the sleek pots/tubes whatever you call them are a perfect make-up bag size and just look a bit posh don't they. 

My favourite shade out of them all has to be Passion (see below) the deep red is perfect for autumn and not too bold for work...unless I want it to be. You can get these little classy beauts from Boots for £8.99 a pop here and atm, Revlon are doing a buy 1 get a second 1/2 price deal so happy spending.

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