Seasonal Bedding

Having an alright, all white bedroom is all well and good in the spring and summer time when you want to have a cool and refreshing environment to sweat to death in but when the temperature drops and you’ve not agreed on when the right time is to let the storage heaters eat your monthly salary you want to create an environment that you can at least pretend you’re warm in. Bedding is the way to go but can be a slight problem for me as I have issues with it. I can’t usually stand patterned duvet sets, I hate novelty sets (unless it’s Christmas) and I can’t bear big bright colours. Tartan bedding is the ultimate exception.

Whilst being bright, bold and patterned, there’s something about this tartan set that doesn’t me instantly angry and want to move out. It creates instant feeling of warmth almost, log cabin-esque that makes snuggling up in the lamp light to read a book all too easy. Rather than clashing with the furniture it instantly softens the look of the space and almost brings it closer to make a much cosier space. Tartan bedding is the perfect style to give a festive feel without being a novelty or, completing fudging up the original styling of the room I got this set for a pretty bargainous £16 on Amazon here

To add the collection of seasonal bedding we also got this gold and red stag print set from B&M for £16. I was a little worried that this set would be too festive and get me all excited but I can contain my excitement for a little longer. Although the print is a little C-word-y, the cream colour tones it down and makes it festive and seasonal without being overbearing. It’s also flannel which is a perfectly valid excuse for not going to work, “Sorry, I won’t be in today. I have flannel bedding and cannot leave my bed”. Any reasonable employer would consider this a perfectly valid excuse because, just look at that bed!

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