The Aurora Band

Let's have a little chat about the Aurora Band shall we. For those of you that don't know, it's the new(ish) heatless hairstyling tool to give you luscious wavy locks, it was featured on Dragon's Den - I don't know how well it did which is probably something that I should have done before parting with £12.99. 

In theory this thing sounds amazing, you simply wrap damp (not wet) hair around the band and get yourself off to sleep, once you wake up you have "salon quality' waves - in my case, the salon was awful. I'm not fond of using heat on my hair - I still have issues with getting my hair cut, the thought of a hairdresser chopping off more than an inch makes my stomach turn and let's not even talk about that time when I bleached my hair three times in a day...and it fell out. It's pretty safe to say that I want to do as little damage to my hair as possible and wrapping it around a bit Velcro can't be harmful, can it? 


One I'd ordered my Aurora Band I decided to watch a few tutorials to get a good idea of how to work it. Youtube has all the answers and these Youtubers made this thing look like dream. They rolled their into the band awoke the next to comment on how comfortable it was to wear in their sleep - they weren't lying. They then proceeded to untwist the band and reveal their salon quality waves and then off they popped, to get on with their glorious days, hair bouncing along with them. 

It's not that the product is shit,  it's more that I am shit at it. 

I can't be that every Youtuber is lying about the practicality of the Auroa Band and my experience is the truth. I followed every tutorial to a T and whilst the process of putting it on and sleeping is dead easy, removing it was was like some kind torturous upper body work out. I don't know why but I can't get this thing out of my hair, I wore this for three solid nights just for this blog post and every morning resulted in me being late for work and pissed off. It just doesn't come off - my hair was so stuck to the back of it that Luke had to sit and help me get out of it because I was genuinely reaching for the scissors. 

Surprisingly, the end result wasn't too shabby, the waves were a little....unruly but nothing some twisting and hairspray wouldn't fix, as for the matted back, I couldn't see it so whatever. It's the psychological damage that concerns me, going through that much stress so early in the morning isn't healthy and I feel like I'm in a position where I need to choose between my head and my hair. I'm undecided on this product, I want to give it another go but I don't know if Luke and I can survive another morning like that. 

If anyone knows what incantations I need to say or who I need to sacrifice to make this thing work please don't hesitate to get in touch.


  1. I used to do this when my hair was a bit shorter, but I found that the longer my hair got the more difficult it was to use and just ended up breaking my hair... It sure does give you a good workout though. x

  2. I absolutely loved reading this post, I couldn't stop laughing! It does sound like a torture device but I think your hair does look lovely! I'm still tempted to buy one hahaa x