Bargain Bags with tkmaxx

Firstly, apologies for the underwhelming outfit in this post. It's not my best but these photos were a bit of a spur of the moment gig and it's all about the bag anyway. So I made first proper grown up splurge recently and treated myself to a Michael Kors bag from the bargainous wonderland that is TK Maxx. I spotted this bag back in summer and didn't think anything of it, we're not in a position to be spending money on designer bags. Even when they are a fraction of the price I think it would still bring Luke to an early death. Last month was different though, after earning some extra pennies, realising that this was the last bag in store and carrying around for 20 minutes whilst Luke tried on all the jumpers and fluttering my eyelashes we agreed that we could afford and low and behold I have my beloved bag. 

It's perfect for all occasions (obviously not big fancy evening balls but when do I ever go to a ball, or out for that matter) It's big enough to carry all my unnecessary crap and comes with a shoulder strap so I can shove my frozen hands comfortably in my pockets on a winter morning walk to work. The TK Maxx price was £99.99 and the RRP was £310 - this purchase was clearly a saving and worth every penny. 

TK Maxx is a treasure trove for all those pricey brands we love. Recently I've seem some Too Faced products popping on their beauty shelves as well as Victoria's Secret and Bare Minerals. A little birdy has also told me that if you're lucky you can even pick up some of those CK bralettes and pants for a cheeky discount. 

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