A lipstick I won't ever use // Mac Mariah

When the Mariah Carey collection was first released I wasn't too fussed, I'm not her biggest fan so assumed I wouldn't like her Mac collection - Boy was I wrong. It wasn't long before the most glittery wonders were popping up all over Instagram and my inner magpie was begging me to spend some money. Unfortunately, with it being Christmas at the time my money was being spent else where like buying socks for my Mum on behalf of the cat or having to buy Luke and extra present because he convinced me to give him Battlefield (whatever number is it) early. 

Then, the lovely Leah from Devoted to Pink started sharing pictures of McIzzle and I was hooked. I had to have one of these lipsticks. After a few days of checking the Mac website multiple times refusing to accept that limited edition means just that I began trawling the sites of the department stores again, no luck. After some moans on twitter Leah suggested Depop and what a mistake that was. £28 pounds later I was anticipating the delivery of Dahhlinggg (what a stupid name might I add) and I had no regrets. I even managed to justify this ridiculous spend to Luke with some hysterical barely coherent ramblings - I think he just saw some crazed look in my eyes and thought protesting would endanger his safety (he'd be right). 

So yeah, I'm the kind of mug that bought a lipstick for double the price oN Depop and will probably never use it because if we can't afford food by the end of the month its definitely my fault. But look how pretty she is! She makes me smile every morning as I choose other lipsticks that haven't ruined my credit score. I have used it once for one teeny swatch on my hand and annoyingly, unlike other Cremesheen lippies I've had from Mac, the coverage is bang on. However, it'd still probably highlight every spec of dry skin on my crusty old lips so it's just as well I'm treating it like the crown jewels.

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  1. Haha! I did suggest Depop but did not suggest spending insane amounts of money on it! Don't worry I find it hard to use too!

    Leah x