Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb - Bomb or Flop?

So my little pal Victoria skipped in from her lunching clutching a boots bag that had some of these little one pound wonders in. She said her mum loves them and they're mega moisturising. I'm not one to ever disbelieve me Julie but I'll have to disagree with her in this instance; probably because, as we all know very well by now, my skin is one big crusty pile of sh*t that won't moisturise.

It's a shame really because I bet that those with normal none-scaly / falling off / crumbling away skin do find this mask of joyness super hydrating. Unfortunately I was left looking like an idiot all for nothing.

I peeled the disgustingly slimy mask out of the wrapping and proceeded to slap it on my face - once you've managed to attach the white side to your skin, this weird blue bit peels off for a reason I'm not quite sure of. You then have to squeeze around the whole mask and press any loose bits toward your face - even with my massive moon head I found this mask a too big and lumps and bumps started to poke out all over the place. I also found that it kept slipping off my face which made my bath more stressful than usual. Not to mention the fact that my bath was slightly too hot; so that, combined with a mask that slightly resembled something from American Horror story slipping and sliding all over my face made this one of my least relaxing bath time experiences. 

Once I'd removed the mask and rinsed my face, I didn't notice any exceptional difference with regards to how moisturised it was. I was expecting fireworks and maybe a small marching band but with the faffing around and the stress it caused I would call this more of a soggy flop than a bomb. 

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