The Sillisponge - Daft or Genius?

Beauty trends come and go too quick for my liking, before you've got chance to jump on a bandwagon it's been disbanded and everyone is hopping on another. I decided to take a short trip on the Sillisponge bus to see what the fuss is all about. I bought mine on Amazon for measly £1.99 - as with all orders from China they take a couple of weeks to arrive, and since then several other new ways of applying foundation have reared their bizarre heads making blending with a miniature chicken fillet look somewhat normal. 

The theory behind the the silicone beauty sponge is that it's allegedly more hygienic than our egg-shaped pal - just a rinse under a tap and it's clean; in addition to this, the sillisponge is said to reduce product waste as it doesn't soak it up and eat it. This all well and good but does expectation live up to reality? 

In short, NO.

I filmed my first use of the sponge on snapchat because I'm too lazy to do actual real videos and it's safe to say I wasn't impressed. I found that my foundation just sat on the sponge and when I applied it to my face it splodged it around more than actually blended it. The chicken fillet shape of the sponge meant that blending in areas around the nose was impossible and I needed to use a stippling brush to make my make-up look anywhere near acceptable basically making the sponge redundant. I wanted to assume that I was just doing it wrong (like with the Aurora Band) but there's not much too get wrong with this one, leaving me with one's just sh*t.

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  1. Hahaha I like it! I find it easy to mix my foundation & primer on it so I don't get my hand all sloppy with it! I do admit that there's been better inventions in the beauty world tho! x