Tracking our fertility with Ovia

9 January 2017

There’s a plethora of cycle tracking apps out there to use to determine projected period dates or in my case, aid fertility. I don’t know where we’d we be without Ovia, I mean we’d probably still not be pregnant but we’d certainly have less of a clue as to what is going on with my body. I’ve been using Ovia for the past two years and have managed to accumulate a host of information about every aspect of my cycle. Ovia works in the sam way as most tracking apps – you begin inputting the details of your cycle and after a certain amount of time, the app can calculate your next projected period date and fertile window based on the information that you provide.

I tend to input the most important data for us such as period days, days that we have had intercourse and any changes in my cervical fluid. In doing this, Ovia is able to calculate my fertile window as well as note any specific changes that occur in my cycle. More recently simply inputting cervical cramps on a day that they were particularly obvious lead Ovia to determine that I was within the fertile window (ovulating) sooner than originally anticipated. Much more information can be included in each daily record ranging from any cramps, aches or pains, emotions, how much water has been consumed to how many hours sleep were had each night that can have an impact on how your cycle is predicted (so make sure that you’re dead certain about the information that you provide.

Another aspect of Ovia that some users enjoy is the community section – each user is provided with a profile and is able to communicate with one another by asking specific questions and discussing symptoms and journeys – I haven’t found much use for this section because I’m anti-social but I can certainly understand why other users and valuing from it.

As I said, I have found this invaluable whilst trying to conceive; there’s no way that I would have to patience to work out my basal temperature and cervical position and all that jazz or, have to create my own log of my cycle. Having this information on the app gives my direct access to up two years of my cycle history and has the bonus of the handy export option that sends all your information to your email address in an excel spreadsheet.

Having all this information has made communication with or GP and specialists much easier. In order to be able to fully assess you and your partner and try and determine if and what help you need they require full information of your cycle and only you can provide this information. In having it readily available, I was able to immediately go for the initial blood tests and show a comprehensive history of my cycle which sped up the process of getting referred to the specialist department which, anyone who is going through this knows, can be bloody hard.

Tracking your cycle shouldn’t just be done to aid conception – having extensive knowledge of your cycle as well as evidence and the means to be able to input data can help you determine whether there are any concerns  and allows you to be more in-tune with your body. Having this information on hand can also benefit you in the future should you ever have to seek help regarding fertility issues. Having a family history of cervical, uterine and ovarian has always given me great sense of responsibility to be aware of my body and take note of any changes or symptoms that could indicate issues - I believe that using apps like these can not only help you with tracking your fertility but can also in some cases save your life. 


  1. I hadn't heard of this app before, so it's intriguing to see something new! I'll definitely be giving it a try x

  2. I have seen other people using this app, but I used an app very similar. It's definitely worth having. I find these apps help you prepare for when your period is due so you know roughly when to keep pads/tampons on hand while you're out and about. Having one of these apps also let me know exactly the day I conceived my baby, so in the event of pregnancy, it helps your midwife know how far things are along, especially in the earlier stages. Also helpful if you use the fertility awareness method of contraception, probably quite vital as well! Think after this, I may download this one to replace the one I used to use

    Jasmine |

  3. My periods are so irregular as I have PCOS I wonder if this would work for me? Sounds a lot better than similar apps I've used in the past. May have to have a look - thanks for the review.
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

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