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If you follow me on Instagram (please follow me on Instagram) you'll notice that I'm a bit of a fan of the old black and white quotes and regularly share them. So when Cosy Prints got in touch and asked if I would like to review some of their prints I snapped up the opportunity. Over a year later and we're still in the process of getting our home how we (I) want it - It's been a slow process because I'm very cautious when it comes to adding things, I don't want to fill it with stuff for the sake of it and make sure we only add things, whether it be wall art or furniture if we're completely happy with it. Our walls were very bare before the Cosy Prints orders arrived but just from hanging something so simple yet striking on our walls, it's starting to come together as the home we have in mind. 

The great thing about prints like this how personal they can be without being intrusive or looking like clutter; In addition to having a wide range of quotes, Cosy Prints can also make custom prints, for the same price as ready-made prints -  this is something I feel that we will certainly be taking advantage of when we start thinking about accessories for the kitchen (I'm already anticipating making another order). 

The prints can come in A4 or 3 with standard A4 prints costing a more than reasonable price of £4.50 and the A3 prints costing £8.75 the average shipping cost is around £2.75 with the use of a courier company and the ability to track the progress of packages. Each order arrives carefully rolled within a postal tube securely sealed - can we just take a moment to appreciate the cute string and label; it's small details like this that really make me appreciate a company. 

The overall quality of the print is of an impeccably high standard, Cosy Prints use 250gsm paper (that's proper decent paper to you and me) with the use of genuine inks to create high definition prints. I've heard people suggest that making your own prints is more cost effective and truth be told, I've tried it myself and the quality is nothing in comparison to Cosy Prints. I feel as though I have to mention that prints don't come with frames - this wasn't an issue for me as finding your own frames to perfectly match the area where the print will be living gives the opportunity to really personalise the order. 

Wing It Life - Eyeliner - Everything

I couldn't find a more apt quote for both me and Luke. We have a very relaxed and somewhat immature view of life. We don't have strict plans or routines and tend to 'Wing It' most of the time. People often ask how I ended up in the career that I am or how I have the confidence to do / say certain things and my response is always the same  - Winged It. If you're a regular visitor of the these parts of the internet you'll know that our bedroom is predominantly my space, there's no Xboxing in here and its bursting with fairy lights, make-up and shoes so naturally a make-up related print is quite at home here. 

I found a perfect boudoir style black frame in B&M for £5.99 that that gave the print and extra glam feel. I wish I could show you a better photo of where it lives but it's at the end of the bed taking the spotlight of what was a very bare and boring looking wall. 

But First Coffee

Again, those of you who a regulars to these parts will know about my unapologetic addiction to coffee, namely my beloved hazelnut latte. I'm renowned for my inability to function without my morning coffee(s) so this print was without a doubt the one I had to have. We tried fitting it in the kitchen above the kettle and coffee machine but found that it became a bit lost amongst the kitchen crap. It now lives to the right of the arch way that leads to our kitchen from the living room and looks perfect. I've more reluctant to hang things on our living room walls as it's space that can so easily look cluttered but the simply monochrome effect of the print makes it homely and stand out without taking all the space. 

I chose simple black frame for this print as I wanted the lines to be as clean as possible (plus we had some other frames that we needed to hang that were similar). I am so pleased with this print and how perfectly in-keeping it is with our living room. I'm definitely considering some A4 prints for the kitchen as the simplicity yet poignance of just a few words is something I'll always be in love with. 

Where to find Cosy Prints 

Cosy Prints have an Etsy store that can be found here 

You can also follow them on twitter at @CosyPrints and Instagram @cosyprints 

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  1. Love these prints! It's awesome how you can customize them and find unique ones to hang up! I'm definitely needing some to decorate my work space!!! Great post!

  2. I need these for my uni room, they look great! Lovely post x

  3. The wing it is my favourite haha such a brilliant life motto:) I really need to get some more prints for our little office room - it's such a mess right now! x