Improving my sleep with the S+ by Resmed*

When Resmed got in touch with me about trying out the S+ I was right proper excited and that’s because my sleep us right proper terrible. Aside from having fallen into bad habits such as going to bed with the TV on and scrolling through Instagram until 5 in the morning, if you’re a regular visitors to these parts you’ll know that Luke and I are trying to get baking in my oven (pregnant) and that alone causes enough stresses and sleepless nights and ironically, not having enough sleep can effect fertility…nature’s cruel like that. 

The S+ is a contactless sleep monitor that with the help of an App monitors the following:
  • Breathing and body movements throughout the night
  • Light, noise and temperature levels in the room 
  • The level of sleep: REM, light or deep 

The S+ creates daily sleep scores and charts that help me understand my sleep pattern and provides feedback based on my sleep pattern, bedroom environments and daily habits. 

The Design  

The S+ comes in with this rather funky looking stand that matches my dressing table (where it now lives) perfectly. The actual S+ can be manipulated up and down the stand or used without to ensure that it is pointed at your chest to monitor your breathing – I have mine pointed slightly downward in the stand. It also comes with a lightening cable that you should totally not use to charge your Apple products ok! 

The App 

The S+ app can be easily downloaded and uses little storage. When setting up the device personal data such as age and weight etc. is inputted to determine the ideal amount of sleep needed. Before each night’s sleep more data is inputted such as how many caffeinated drinks have been consumed each day, how many alcoholic drinks, how much exercise has been undertaken and how stressful the day was – I have found these options really useful in analysing sleep as it takes individual days and circumstances into consideration to determine a realistic sleep score to aim for. Once data has been inputted and the smart alarm has been set the app to needs to remain open to track data and if sleep sounds are in use. I have found this detail invaluable as it prevents me from reaching for my phone when I’m struggling to nod off and forces me to actually try and sleep. 


Sleep Sounds and Mind Clear

I don’t know about you but I bloody love sleep sounds and genuinely find them useful for nodding off; the S+ comes with a lovely little selection ranging from spa-like music to ocean waves, Sky is my current favourite but I’m also fond of Air. Lukily for Luke (who isn’t too keen on sleep sounds and much prefers Netflix) the sleep sounds only play for a maximum of an hour, giving me time to nod off before he comes to bed. The sounds also gradually synchronise with breathing to actively aid relaxation. 
The mind clear tool gives the option of recording or typing thoughts or tasks that could be preventing sleep. The idea is that logging them ensures that they can’t be forgotten but equally aren’t on the mind, preventing sleep. I’m yet to use this tool but have found simply having the option of using helps me prioritise my worries and get to sleep quicker. 

The Smart Alarm

This is by far my favourite aspect of the S+ and probably what I’ve been raving about the most on social media. The Smart alarm gradually wakes you from a light sleep so that you feel refreshed and awake rather than being suddenly awoken from a deep sleep by that god awful Iphone claxon alarm sound. I was genuinely amazed on the first morning of using this alarm, I woke up like Cinderella but minus the birds (and singing) I haven’t felt that refreshed in the morning since Christmas in 1999 when I’d asked Santa for Barbie caravan. After just over a week of using the S+ I’ve also realised that I’m bloody lazy, even when the smart alarm has magically woken me up I’ve still chosen to roll over and nod back off. It turns out that my self-discipline is something that even Resmed can’t fix.


The Data

It’s all well and good having this sleep data but what’s the point? 
The app not only gives me an in depth analysis of each night’s sleep but also advice on how to improve my routine or environment to reach the pre-determined goal. For example, the S+ Mentor told me that my room was too cold for falling asleep comfortably and suggested that I wore socks or increased the temperature because cold feet can affect sleep quality once I did this, the quality of my sleep improved. 

The Sleep scores easily explain the ideal type and amount of sleep each person should be getting including what percentage should be REM, Deep or light with the help of tables and charts that pin point exact moments when sleep has been disturbed or changed – (notably usually by Luke secretly stuffing his face with pistachios at 2am – the boy needs help). 

Since using the S+ I have gone from taking over an hour and a half to get to sleep to 52 minutes mid-week and I am now on a massive improvement of 26 minutes. This improvement means that I don’t have to be going to bed at 8:30pm to aim to nod off by 10:30pm but can be going to bed at 10pm and asleep just before 10:30pm allowing me more time to be productive in my evening which, in turn, reduces my stress levels and only aids my sleep improvement. From using the S+ I realised that my sleep pattern was actually shockingly bad, at some points I was only getting around 40 minutes of deep sleep each night, it’s no wonder why I’ve felt so exhausted and run down lately hopefully, with the continued use of the S+, I can improve my sleep and my health and get another step closer to pregnancy. 


The Details 

For more information about the S+ click here or to buy one click here


  1. This sounds so handy! I used to have something that tracked my sleep on my phone but I don't have my phone charging near me now, so I can't use it. I loved seeing what stages of sleep I was in and when, turns out I am never really a heavy sleeper!

    Kirsty Leanne xx

  2. Now this is something I may need because my sleep is pretty bad at times. I've wondered about things like this and if it was worth it. Thanks for your post because you've helped me x

    Style & Life by Susana -

  3. I think i need to have this right away. Having sleeping issues since i can remember my self, this might be the solution. Great presentation!

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  5. This looks Fabulous and something I would absolutely use and need to be honest!! It looks very smart too!!

    Sophie x

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