Initial fertility tests and ruling out PCOS | July 2016

21 February 2017

Our journey to getting the initial fertility tests completed was slightly different to the majority of couples and we were consulted and tested separately. This is because I am classed as essentially 'at risk' of ovarian, uterine and / or cervical cancer. Thankfully, all tests I've had thus far have come back surprisingly healthy - taking my family history into consideration. You see, my Mum, being the utter legend that she is, went and won the female cancer bingo and racked up a full house with ovarian and uterine and cervical cancer all within close proximity and managed to live to tell the tale - shout out to Rhiannon. Now, I know that doesn't mean that I'm going to get cancer but, in our family, if you haven't had a hysterectomy by the time you're fifty we do start to think you're not related. 

With all this in mind my Doctors have been fabulous in getting me in for all sorts of tests over the years to rule out any problems and nip any in the bud ASAP. So, when I went and expressed my concerns about the lack of bunnage in my oven (and provided a year long history of my cycle) my GP was keen to get me sent off for some blood tests straight away, regardless of Luke and what his guys were up to. The initial tests were for the most obvious cause of stork not fancying a visit - PCOS. Although I wasn't showing any of the standard symptoms of PCOS such as weight gain and excess hair etc. it is the easiest and most common problem when it comes to fertility to rule out or, diagnose.

I was instructed to take a blood test on the 21st day of my cycle (around ovulation time) to determine how high (or low) my progesterone and testosterone levels were (a high amount of testosterone is an almost definite indication of PCOS) When my blood results came back my testosterone levels were a normal if not a little low but worryingly, so were my progesterone levels for what was supposed to be around my ovulation time. I discussed this in depth with my GP and explained that although my tracker stated that the day I was tested was the 21st day of my cycle - I felt that I had ovulated much sooner - when in this pain in the ass process you end up noticing every ovulation through pains, spots and cervical fluid etc. The Doctor sent me for a further blood test during my next cycle for when I thought I was ovulating not when the app decided - this just goes to show how paramount it is to know your own body, if I hadn't I could have been diagnosed, by no fault of the experts with a condition that I don't have. 

When the results came back from the second test my progesterone levels were at 32 which is and alright score for fertility and meant that I was producing just about the right amount of hormones at all right times. But to be absolutely certain in ruling out PCOS, they sent me off a lovely old transvaginal ultrasound. For those of you that don't know, this is an internal ultrasound...and there's only one way to get in there, yup. There's something slightly sickening about attending any kind of ultrasound when you know you've got nothing cooking and I wasn't in the best of moods for this procedure. However, the technician reassured me during the whole awkward process and said that it was highly likely that I could conceive, that was nice. 

When I got the full results back from my GP, she confirmed the technician's thoughts and the scan had actually detected the remanence of cells left after ovulation proving that I can actually ovulate - which was a relief. The next step was to get Luke to undergo a semen analysis and pray that we could get some good news there too. 


  1. I have a friend with PCOS so I know how nerve-wracking that process can be. Glad that wasn't the case and hoping everyone works out with conceiving!

  2. Really happy for your postitive result! I wish you both luck! ♥️

  3. That's some great news lovely! I wish you all the best on your journey and am looking forward to reading more:) xx

  4. My heart goes out to you and your beautiful mama. I know about infertility and the painful journey that it entails, being that I underwent IVF for over three years (detailed on my blog). I wish you the very very best in your journey, and know that you are a warrior and have amazing strength xx

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  5. Fantastic news! I'm looking forward to your future updates good luck!!

    Sophie x

  6. Glad to hear everything's working as it should be for you :) x


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