Thursday, 30 March 2017

Meet Albie

This little stunner was supposed to be our only baby way before Cecil pounced into our lives. We went to visit little Albert just over six weeks ago when he was the sized of a hamster. After what seemed like forever, he finally came home and immediately settled in in with his brother. Albert was a 'normal' kitten when he came home, he was nervous shy and somewhat sad, not like the little diva that is Cecil. He's already shown his much softer nature and will creep up to me for cuddles rather than plonk himself in front of me and demand a tummy rub, he leaves some dinner in his bowl and doesn't growl whilst stuffing his face. I thin Albie looks more like a majestic Egyptian cat than the fluff ball, he has long gangly legs and paws that are slightly too big but he's bloody handsome.


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Finding a silver lining

I’m of the mentality that forcing positivity on people can be just as damaging as negativity but when you’re going through one of your absolute worst nightmares, you have to try and find a silver lining somewhere, right? So, with gritted teeth in slight hysterics I miraculously came up with the following pros and some of of the most concerning cons.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Hello Cecil

This little chap was supposed to be staying at our house for a few days, considering I'd recently looked after Lucy's cat and successfully handed her back I thought I could do the same with this one. Oh how I was wrong, as it happened this little stunner was in the market for the new family and me, being and emotionally unstable cat addict pestered Luke until he said yes - which took all of forty five minutes because look at that face. 


Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Bodyshop all in one BB Cream

A month ago I noticed that my skin was turning bad again, I'd started using the new Clinique foundation which worked wonders for a couple of weeks but as usual, with anything that I put on my face it started to not settle properly and come away in patches during the day. I'd had enough and decided to bite the bullet and go bare faced. My skin needed a break and to be frank, so did I. It sounds dramatic but not being able to find a product that my skin can work with gets frustrating to say the least. After two days of sporting my naked face and just as I was starting to feel a little more confident someone made a comment about me looking tired and that was it. I needed something to cover my face up, even if it was just a little bit.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fertility Clinic Appointment 1 | February 2017

It’s been six months since our last appointment regarding fertility and we finally got the referral to the clinic for the help. Although it’s a horrible process to undergo we feel so grateful that we’re entitled to get help as the criteria it so incredibly tight. We could have got the referral sooner but it was held up with breast appointments and smear tests (which were all fine). After being told by my GP that we were getting the referral on the 3rd Feb, I received a letter the following Friday advising me to call the my book system at the Hospital to get an appointment at the clinic – I was told on the phone that the soonest available appointment would be in May, I tried booking this but was told it had been taken and there weren’t any other appointments available…ever. This was weird and disheartening, I was then told to wait for a letter, if I didn’t get this letter by the 20th Feb I should contact my GP and get re-referred. Cheers, thanks a lot.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Jo Totes Camera Bag

When I spent and absolute bomb on my new SLR (Canon EOS 1300) I knew I needed a decent bag to carry it around in because I cannot afford to be breaking it – the only problem is that I find actual camera bags proper ugly. After some Insta-scrolling and Pintrest stalking, I found Jo Totes who create stylish yet practical leather camera bags. I immediately fell in love with the Allison Butterscotch Camera Bag – a perfectly sized cross-shoulder bag in a beautiful tan leather that’s ideal for all seasons and most outfits.

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