Fertility Clinic Appointment 1 | February 2017

14 March 2017

It’s been six months since our last appointment regarding fertility and we finally got the referral to the clinic for the help. Although it’s a horrible process to undergo we feel so grateful that we’re entitled to get help as the criteria it so incredibly tight. We could have got the referral sooner but it was held up with breast appointments and smear tests (which were all fine). After being told by my GP that we were getting the referral on the 3rd Feb, I received a letter the following Friday advising me to call the my book system at the Hospital to get an appointment at the clinic – I was told on the phone that the soonest available appointment would be in May, I tried booking this but was told it had been taken and there weren’t any other appointments available…ever. This was weird and disheartening, I was then told to wait for a letter, if I didn’t get this letter by the 20th Feb I should contact my GP and get re-referred. Cheers, thanks a lot.

Naturally I spent the week of the 13th Feb slowly fuming at the fact I hadn’t received a letter and by Friday the 17th I had given up and decided we were going to get a kitten (Baby Albert will be here at the end of March). On Saturday the 18th Feb something finally went in our favour and we got a letter from the clinic saying that we had an appointment on Monday the 20th Feb – leaving is no time to arrange time off work and cutting it very fine with even knowing about the appointment at all, but we didn’t care. We had an appointment people. 

The fertility clinic is based on the gynecology ward of the hospital, I was expecting a small, quiet waiting room but I was stunned to realise that we would be sitting in a room bursting with expectant mothers excitedly hopping around, filling their bladders in anticipation of their scans, clutching their pink and green anti-natal folders and rubbing their tummies. I almost burst into tears within the first ten minutes; I think I’d have left if Luke wasn’t there. He immediately came to the rescue by making the most ridiculous comments that I couldn’t help but laugh at and the next hour, yes HOUR of waiting was almost bearable. 

Just at the point when we were bordering hysterical, a specialist called my name and ushered us to a consultation room, I felt myself welling up again just because we were in a room with someone who could actually properly help. We went through tonnes of questions about our medical histories, lifestyles and were both measured and weighed etc. The specialist then went on to discuss our results from our previous tests (my blood test and Luke’s semen analysis) It turns out that Luke genuinely does have super sperm, after all those months of telling me they wear capes – he’s actually above average with the quality of his little swimmers. As much as I hate how smug he is, I’m so relieved that there are no issues with him – if anything he’s perfect. 

I on the other hand, I am not so good, although there was evidence in my previous tests and scan that I do ovulate, I’m only just about producing enough hormone for it to happen and there’s no evidence of how often (or not) that I’m regularly ovulating. The fertility clinic want to get a full hormonal profile and this means more blood tests so for the next month I’m going to be getting various tests at different stages of my cycle and then in May, we have another appointment to go through the results and look at the next steps. Although its positive that we’re getting help and that Luke is ok, I felt so overwhelmed after all this – I feel rubbish in the sense it’s possible that I don’t work properly and that I’m essentially the problem but at least we'll get more answers in May.  


  1. You must be so happy that you're now getting some answers. Granted it may not be what you want to hear, but at least you have a specialist now to help and advise. You've definitely made me want to start pushing things forward and get some results. Good luck and I'll be keeping an eye on your journey.
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

    1. Hi Hannah,
      I’ve read through all your comments on my previous posts and I’m sorry to hear you’re going through the same thing – it’s shit isn’t. I would really encourage you to start getting the ball rolling with regard to tests – it takes a long time to even get a referral with the specialists so the sooner you start the better. I would also recommend being a little more open about it, I kept all this to myself and few friends for two years and as soon as I started posting about I felt a release of the pent up tension and anger. It still gets to me some days but being able to openly talk certainly helps. Keep me updated on how you do xxxx

    2. Thanks hun. We've decided we're gunna sit down over the weekend and plan our next steps. Like you said, it can take a while so we need to get things moving. We've been trying now for around 6 years naturally and it's about time we started thinking more seriously since we're not getting any younger lol! Thanks again and good luck xx


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