Hello Cecil

22 March 2017

This little chap was supposed to be staying at our house for a few days, considering I'd recently looked after Lucy's cat and successfully handed her back I thought I could do the same with this one. Oh how I was wrong, as it happened this little stunner was in the market for the new family and me, being and emotionally unstable cat addict pestered Luke until he said yes - which took all of forty five minutes because look at that face. 

As well has having this little devil (don't be decieved by that face) we are also expecting baby Albert (another kitten) that we went to see five weeks ago, it turns out that Albert now has a brother waiting for him here. Two cats is a big committment but I am an experienced cat owner and know that we are able to afford the relevent vet fees, insurance and food. Not to mention that fact that having two kittens requires a lot of love and attention - something will never be in short supply. As Albert and Cecil will be house cats, Luke and I have started training Cecil on a lead and harness; we want to be able to take the boys out for walks as well as up to visit my Mum and have them used to various situations. We'll be posting more about the lead training at a later date. 

With all the infertility problems that I am having, little Cecil has been a welcome surprise. Studies have shown that animals can vastly improve mental health and Cecil has certainly done the job. Since having something to mother I have felt a weight lift from my shoulders, it's as though my pent up stresses and worries have left and I have a very welcome distraction. I mean, who needs kids when you can have kittens? 

So expect a lot more kitten action on Issy Belle Fox because when Albert gets here we're going to be very busy having lots of fun but for now, enjoy looking at that little face. 


  1. Oh my God! Is it really true? So cute and beautiful kitty! Look at these eyes! Adore cats! Wish you all the best for all of them!

  2. He is the cutest! What an absolute angel. Can't wait to see more of him and his brother :) having a fur baby definitely picks up up when you're down.
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

  3. With a little face like that, I'd have to forgive him for all his mischievous antics that he might get up to! I am desperate to get a cat but I know I can't until I move out. He is adorable! Juanita x www.juanitashikira.com

  4. Cecil is so sweet, I have been like 'aww' ever since I first saw the photos! I adore having pets, they make me feel so much better when I feel down, even if they may not like it!

    - Chloe

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  6. Cecil is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, and I'm always checking your Insta Stories for updates haha! I can't cope with his little tail. Hope he continues to help you feel better throughout your fertility mission - you'll get there AND have cute kittens as well :}

    Nikki xx | Lovelaughslipstick ♥

  7. Oh my god look at that dumpling!! <3 x

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