Meet Albie

30 March 2017

This little stunner was supposed to be our only baby way before Cecil pounced into our lives. We went to visit little Albert just over six weeks ago when he was the sized of a hamster. After what seemed like forever, he finally came home and immediately settled in in with his brother. Albert was a 'normal' kitten when he came home, he was nervous shy and somewhat sad, not like the little diva that is Cecil. He's already shown his much softer nature and will creep up to me for cuddles rather than plonk himself in front of me and demand a tummy rub, he leaves some dinner in his bowl and doesn't growl whilst stuffing his face. I thin Albie looks more like a majestic Egyptian cat than the fluff ball, he has long gangly legs and paws that are slightly too big but he's bloody handsome.

I think that Albie was allowed to roam around downstairs during the night which has caused some restless nights for us when we find ourselves being pounced upon at 3am, but look at that face. Albie also loves a good game, he can play for hours and leaps and dives in the air like a little deer, in addition to this - he's much better behaved on his lead and harness and actually walks however, he's a little more nervous than Cecil which just makes him a little sweetheart. 

Albie settled into the house straight away and has become the best of friends with his brother and I'm looking forward to watching them grow up together. 

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  1. Awwww and this little one! You can tell Albie has much more regal sass to him than Cecil - that one looks like a little devil haha!


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