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18 March 2017

A month ago I noticed that my skin was turning bad again, I'd started using the new Clinique foundation which worked wonders for a couple of weeks but as usual, with anything that I put on my face it started to not settle properly and come away in patches during the day. I'd had enough and decided to bite the bullet and go bare faced. My skin needed a break and to be frank, so did I. It sounds dramatic but not being able to find a product that my skin can work with gets frustrating to say the least. After two days of sporting my naked face and just as I was starting to feel a little more confident someone made a comment about me looking tired and that was it. I needed something to cover my face up, even if it was just a little bit.

Garnier Skinactive Original BB Cream 

After requesting some recommendations on Twitter, I bought Garnier Skinactive Original BB Cream and smothered it on my face at my desk. Although it did somewhat even out my skin tone, I found that it wasn't as moitsurising as my greedy skin would prefer and soon noticed it clinging to any dry bit of skin that it could find. I also found the shade a little too orange, even for my tanned moon head. Although it did the job, it was just a quick-instant-fix and not a long term solution. 

The Bodyshop All in One BB Cream ❤️

It wasn't before long that I remembered my old pals at The Body Shop and their amazing BB cream that I had bought a couple of years before - does anyone else buy products, LOVE them and then completely forget about them a few months later? 
I rummaged around my beauty cupboard and found a back up tube of BB Cream. Upon applying it to my hand I remembered why I loved it so much. This cream has a much runnier consistency than most creams but contains skin tone-matching magic ingredients that help with that natural look. In addition to this, it genuinely, hand on heart provides 48 hour moisturisation as well as being able to illuminate and even the skin tone. For me, it provides a medium coverage and the skin tone matching elements work with my natural and tanned face ultimately saving me money which something that I'll never complain about. The longevity isn't that of a full-coverage foundation but still pretty impressive for a BB cream and  lasts long enough throughout the work day for me to feel happy with mah face. As the coverage is so alright, when I feel like it, I can add a cheeky powder contour to make my face less moonish - another thing I won't complain about.

BB Cream Vs Foundation 

Whilst foundations provide full coverage and most claim to be good for skin, the truth will always be that they clog pores up and are somewhat drying, especially matte ones which is never going to impress already unruly skin. I have already found, after a month of using BB creams that my pores are so much clearer and my skin is less dry. 
The downside to using BB creams is that they'll never provide full-coverage which I think often makes a full face of other make-up look misplaced - you can't do a full on smokey eye effect with light - medium coverage, lets be honest; however, not applying any eye make-up (aside from mascara) or spending an age contouring etc. has saved me a good twenty-five minutes each morning giving me time to get to work earlier but still look fresh-faced. I've got to be a little careful with my new relaxed attitude to my daily make-up routine because my eyebrows are a mess. Somehow, they've turned orange and they need waxing, urgently. I've given up applying brow product because in all honesty, I don't know where my hair starts and my eyebrow ends, but at least I'm over the self-consciousness 👍🏼.


  1. I have had a nightmare with foundations but definitely have landed on one I like now so I feel your pain. I have terrible acne so I'm not sure I would be brave enough to go as bare as BB! I do love the Body Shop products!

    1. Forgot to put my blog as well 😊


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