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30 April 2017

I don't often get my hair done professionally, in a all honesty I find the process boring and expensive especially in those dead fancy salons where you're made to feel crap with one look because you fessed up about trimming your own fringe. Barn It in Manchester have completely changed my mind. Barn It is an up and coming Super Salon that smashes every other salon out of the park with it's classy yet funky design, luxury treatments but good old down to earth northern vibe that makes any visitor feel like a princess / real life unicorn. I first noticed Barn It on Anoushka loves and Hello Terri Lowe  and immediately knew I had to visit.

Upon entering the Salon we were ushered upstairs to the bar (yes bar) where we were offered a host of drinks including Dan's own cocktails, I went for an Espresso Martini that was ah-may-zing and my Mum had a glass of wine. We sat on a sofa and took it all in -  there were people getting their nails done at the bar area, a Mum getting a pedicure whilst snuggling her baby and another Mum nursing whilst having her hair styled - this relaxed, inclusive and open vibe immediately made me feel at ease. 

It wasn't long before the lovely Nathaniel took me down stairs to get cracking on my frazzled mop, there was no disgusted look at my block-like fringe and he didn't recoil in horror at the texture of my crispy ends. Nathaniel and I immediately got nattering about Instagram, the blog world, Anoushka (the real life unicorn) and of course how amazing us northerners are, *hair flick*. 

Naturally, having a photographer for a Mum, I dragged her along with me and the staff were so chilled with her snapping away like a little pap - no one batted an eyelid. Nathaniel was like a wizard working on my locks, in just under an hour I'd been washed, cut and blowdried and had brand new princess hair. As well as sorting out my massacred fringe he showed me how to style it myself and find my parting - something that other stylist have never done. When he asked me how I wanted my hair blown, I sort of put my hands at the side of my head in something not too dissimilar from the Steps Tragedy dance move but Nathaniel got it - and I ended up looking like the sassy emoji with swishy locks to die for. 

As well as providing a plethora of hair treatments, Barn It also provide a host of beauty treatments ranging from nails to semi-permanent make-up and Botox to lazer hair removal, it really is your one stop shop to get everything done under one undeniably cool roof. Barn It doesn't have to try and and be anything other than what it is, the staff ooze confidence in their abilities and the contemporary decor featuring art work from Cheshire's very own housewife, Stacey Forsey and the outstanding bar service make it the stand out establishment that it is. Not to mention the affordability and transparency of the services, a full price-list can be found here and booking couldn't be made easier with the handy online system. 

I might live 164 miles away but Barn It is officially my new salon and Nathaniel is my new favourite person. I will definitely, without a shadow of a doubt be returning. ❤️

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Fox Photography 📷


  1. Wow, this place sounds incredible!! Any hairdressers with a bar is a winner with me! Your hair stylist sounds fantastic, I'd love to have him work on my unruly barnet as well! Lucky you for having a photographer Mum as well, she's done a great job with these pics!

    Abbey ❤️

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