Catit Senses Circuit

2 April 2017

Whilst having house cats is all well and good cats can get quickly and easily bored within the same four walls and ten week old kittens don't understand the concept of Netflix and chill, or even chill for that matter. Albie and Cecil like to become wide awake just as we are getting ready for bed and enjoy a good old game of cat and cat as well as curtain climbing and wire chewing - delightful. I decided that our not so sleeping angels needed some more toys to stimulate them and distract them from chewing each other's ears. I soon discovered the Catit senses kits. 

Catit Sesnes

Catit Senses Track

I bought the cheaper circuit on Amazon because investing lots money on fickle kitties is never a wise move. All of Catit's products are specifically designed to stimulate all of the senses, the circuit focusses on touch, sight and sound and consists of an 8 piece track and a movement sensory ball that lights up. The aim of the game is to manipulate the ball around the track, the tunnel has large enough gaps in for kitties to reach paws and arms through but small enough to not be able to get the ball out - sneaky right. 😼

Catit Senses Ball

The pieces of the track securely click into place to avoid any trapped claws or paws and the kit is easy to assemble I mean, I didn't need to read the german instructions once 😉. Albie was immediately interested in the circuit and immediately started trying to catch that pesky ball, Cecil didn't seem interested at all and thought that box was more fun than the track, typical Cecil.

Catit Senses box

The next day Cecil showed interest and both boys were enthralled in chasing that ball - although the track securely fits together, the top pieces can unclip and come loose when sharp little teeth get wrapped around them, thankfully my boys haven't realised that this actually cheating and just look at me until I put it back 😹. 

As well as the sensory tracks, Catit have developed a variety of other toys and tools such as specialist water fountains, food trees, bigger circuits litter trays and furniture. I think I'll be growing some cat grass for the boys as well as getting a flower fountain - just because it looks so cool. Expect to see a lot more Catit products around this joint. 

Catit Senses playing


  1. I'm so excited you've started writing about cats! There's not many bloggers that do and I am obsessed with writing about my little buggers. If you need more inspiration for cat toys and tips on healthy cat food (my posts are always consulted with a lady that is trained in cats nutrition so I ain't just making it up haha) then I have a ton on my blog:) Can't wait to read more about these two bundles <3 xx

    1. I've been reading your kitty posts for a long time and love catching up on the adventures of Cookie and Pippin - I'll definitely be re-visiting your posts for some cat advice xx


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