5 Reasons not to get a kitten 😼

7 June 2017

Kittens are undeniably cute, fluffy little creatures that melt the coldest of hearts but having one (or two) isn't always fun and games (for you). I see any animal as a member of family and therefore see my boys as my actual babies but that doesn't mean they're any less hard work. Getting any animal is a massive commitment and not one that should be taken lightly. If you're unsure about getting a kitten, here's five reasons why you shouldn't:

5 Reasons not to get a cat

😼 1. They don't sleep 

Not at nighttime anyway, if you're thinking a little bundle fluff will curl up into his little bed at night and sleep when you do you're so wring. Kittens come alive at night, kittens are hyper at night - it's at this time when you're trying to sleep and small creature lands on your head out of no where, you have to keep your feet deadly still in bed or razor like claws will tear them to shreds. If you have downstairs neighbours, this is something to consider before they hate you.

😸 2. Scratches 

Be prepared to have arms covered in scratches, there's nothing more that a kitten loves than shredding your arms with their teeny tiny deadly claws. You'll spend weeks with cuts in between fingers, under nails and if you're really unlucky, on your face. They're unavoidable and sting like hell!

😼 3. Soft Furnishings 

If they're not piercing your curtains by climbing up them, they're using the sofa as as scratch post. Rattan furniture can be massacred in minutes and lace can be torn apart with one evil little look. When they're not making use of they're claws, they can be widdling all over anything and the worst thing about kitten pee is that it's so hard to get rid of the scent not only is this minging but encourages them to return and continue to pee all over the duvet.

😺 4. The endless vets bills 

There's the initial veterinary costs for injections, microchips, neutering / spaying, worming and de-fleaing but then there's the hidden costs that no one tells you about; the scan for the heart murmur you never anticipated, the x-ray for that time when they jumped off the sofa and proceeded to drag their leg round the room, when they decided to jump on a burning hot hob or when they licked the hair dye around the bottle or that horrible lump they develop after their shots.

😽 5. They stop loving you 

Okay so this might be a slight exaggeration but kittens soon get to the stage where they don't want to cradled anymore, they don't want to nap on your knee and they'd rather chew your arm off than be stroked. They get to this teenage period where you can almost see them role their eyes at you when you say they're name in a baby voice and the balance between who needs who shifts ever so slightly.

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