5 Tips for getting a good night\'s sleep with Julian Charles*

I don't know about you but I hate getting a rubbish night's sleep - it ruins my whole day from my mood to my productivity to my timekeeping. I've got myself in a good routine these days that helps me ensure that I wake up as fresh as a daisy and have a dead good day πŸ‘πŸΌ

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1. Cleanliness is key πŸ”‘

I find that on nights where I feel as though I need to really relax and get into sleep that clean errrrthang massively helps. This means not only having a nice hot bath with plenty of bubbles but also making sure I have clean PJs or even better - NEW PJs!

2. Preparing for the morning πŸ‘—πŸ‘ 

Great British weather means that planning outfits can be somewhat stressful so planning for all occasions is of paramount importance. I'm sure we've all been late because we couldn't find that shoe or we had to rummage around for that dirty top we swore we'd washed on Saturday. I always try to get all my work clothes cleaned on a Friday evening so that it's dried and ready for me to grab on Monday morning. I also make sure that I know where my shoes and bag are and that I have everything I need in my bag.

3. Room Temperature 🌞

The temperature of a room can have an effect of the overall quality sleep, I love a warm room, the warmer the better and although I nod off easily when I'm roasting I soon wake up, panting. Scientists have suggested that the core body temperature needs to drop for deep sleep so a slight breeze or an ajar door might help you sleep a little better too.

Aria Coral Bohemian Easy Care Reversible Duvet set

4. Bedtime ⌚️

I for one am guilty of making as soon as I get in from work essentially bedtime - as I'm writing this I'm sat in bed, under the duvet watching TV. I haven't really separated my work and sleep areas so I make sure that I have a cut-off time where the laptop gets put away, the lights go off and I snuggle down into the duvet.

5. Snuggly Bedding😴

Having the right bedding is key to a decent night's sleep - if your bed isn't comfy then what's the point? My pals over at Julian Charles always have the perfect bedding and this Aria Coral Bohemian Easy Care Reversible Duvet set is perfect for summer along with the matching Coral Woven Texture Cotton Throw. Julian Charles is always extra soft and wears well meaning that any purchase in an investment. Sassy Cecil loves this bedding, specifically the throw that he loves to pat his paws and snuggle into.

Aria Coral Bohemian Easy Care Reversible Duvet set


  1. This bedding is gorgeous! My sleep has been so off at the moment, so nice to read a couple of tips to get back into my normal routine!

    Polly x


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