5 tips to help you work out with Pulsin*

Me and exercise have a funny old relationship - we love each other, we really do but I like to play hard to get. Sometimes I go a bit too far with this and can avoid to the gym for weeks on end - this is something I'm working to change because; everything is sagging, I can't keep paying for it and not go and everything is really sagging. 

5 tips to help you work out with Pulsin*

1. Have a snack before you go 🍫

I don't enjoy working out on a full stomach, it's never a good idea but I'm often starving when I get in from work and will binge on mouthfuls of cheese and feel too bloated to have a shower let alone go to the gym. Pulsin sent me some snack bars to try and they've managed to stop the desire to binge eat whilst providing me with protein to prepare me for exercise. The Peanut Choc Chip Raw Brownie was my favourite - unlike a lot of raw brownies I've had before, this one actually tasted like a brownie rather than a bar of powder. It reminds me very much of a snickers, a healthy snickers I mean what more could you want? I love the fact that Pulsin products are free from nasties, high in protein and low GI. Rather than have to worry about stocking on your favourite Pulsin products to and save yourself some time and money but using the subscription service and setting up monthly paymentts via PayPal, it's genius.

2. Have your gym stuff ready straight away 👟

Trying to find that trainer or those leggings can cause anyone to quickly lose the motivation to leave the house. Believe it or not I genuinely live a minute away from the gym so I try and find any excuse not to go. To try and prevent these pathetic excuses from leaving my mouth I've shoved all my gym gear in a basket on top of my wardrobe where it's organanised and easy to find. 

3. Attend a gym class 💪🏼

Are you one of those people who says they go to the gym but you just prance around on a treadmill for a bit and then bugger off home 🙋🏼 I prefer to go to the gym at peak times but it's always so busy that even if I knew what I was doing with weights I wouldn't get the chance. Signing up for a gym class means you actually get a full body work out and even if you drop a weight on your foot or fall flat on your face attempting the suspension exercise - you tried 👏🏼 . Gym classes are also great for picking up technique and much cheaper than a PT session but with all the benefits. 

4. Make a banging playlist 🎧

I think that this is pretty much a standard because no one wants to have to listen to people grunting or the clanging of weights being dropped all over the place. I have a specific work out playlist on my Apple Music account but I also really enjoy going to the gym to listen to a new album - I like to have a good old cardio session for the duration of the album and focus on the music (and sweating). If you're feeling uninspired by your current playlist, mix things up a bit and add some new choons to motivate you. 

5 tips to help you work out with Pulsin*

5. Workout from home 📺

If you're really not feeling the gym, don't beat yourself up about it. Sometimes I workout from home - it doesn't necessarily have to mean doing a full on routine and bouncing around your living room either, I set myself challenges like doing squats for the duration of the adverts between Corrie or having a cheeky plank whilst the kittens eat their dinner. It all adds up. 

This post contains delicious PR  samples - all thoughts are my own 

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  1. I am being a lazy person,often skip my gym classes and so does my exercise.But now after following your tips I would now be more competent for work out without showing any laziness.