Monday, 12 June 2017

Rimmel Cara Camo Collection 💄

Rimmel is a brand that I don't give enough time to which isn't fair because they're always there, in the background providing me with my holy grail products. Rimmel, are just so reliable that I forget about new collections and only tend to pop over to their stand if I need something specific. That changed when I spotted the Cara Camo Collection in the window of Superdrug and mainly because of that lipstick. Cara Delevingne and Rimmel have teamed up to create the perfect collection of glamorous nudes that compliment the current trend of camo we can see everywhere. The collection is limited edition so you need to get your hands on it quick (exclusively from Superdrug) and, there's currently a cheeky 3 for 2 offer on all Rimmel products, go go go. 

Rimmel Cara Camo Collection

Rimmel Cara Camo Nude Lasting Finish Lipstick 45 💄

Rimmel Cara Camo Collection

Oooh just look at it, it was love at first sight. The lasting finish lipsticks all have a smooth and creamy texture that I am loving at the moment; don't tell anyone but I'm kind of over the matte lip thing 🙊. Unlike a lot of cream formulated lip products, the lasting finish ones have just that, a lasting finish but without the drying element which is perfect for problematic lips like mine. Now let's get to that shade because It's just so perfect, it's a rose nude shade perfect for skin with cool undertones 🙌🏼

👉🏼 Tip: to determine the tone of your skin have a look at your veins; if they're a blue shade you have cool toned skin and if they're more on the green side, you have warmer toned skin 

The lipstick contains a black diamond pigment that is said to reflect light like never before. The subtle shimmer is perfect for these warmer months and adds a bit of glam to a naturally nude shade. I haven't stopped wearing this for around two weeks and I doubt I'm going to stop anytime soon. 

Rimmel Cara Camo Collection

Cara Camo 60 Secs Super Shine Nail Polish - 500 Desert Disguise 💅🏼

Rimmel Cara Camo Collection

You've gotta love a nude shade and as far as I'm concerned Rimmel are the Queen of nudes 👑 . Similarly to the lipstick, this is a subtle nude shade with a hint of shimmer that adds some glam and that 60 second (give or take a few more seconds) is always a winner when it comes to nail polishes. Previous to spotting this collection, I've been loving the Rimmel Super Gel collection for a few months and find that the Step 2 Gel Topcoat works just as well on this shade which is ideal for any fellow Clumsy Clarissa's. Apologies for the state of my nails in the image below - I am a mess. 

Rimmel Cara Camo Collection

Cara Camel Brows All the Way Argan Oil Blend - Blonde 👀

Rimmel Cara Camo Collection

If you're wanting Cara style dramatic brows then Rimmel (and Cara) have gotchoo, this styling gel comes in a few shades to suit various brow colours (including clear). I chose the blonde shade as it's quite a dark blonde but doesn't have the warm tones that most brown brow products have that make my brows appear orange. My favourite thing about this product us how buildable it is, I mostly use a small amount to fill gaps from the old tweezer days but can be used more intensely to create a more defined and dramatic look. However, I would only recommend using this if you have some brows, I don't think thin or smaller shaped brows would benefit as well from this as it's quite messy process better for thicker brows. I use a spoolie brush to blend the product through my brows to give a more dsubtle look and clean up any mess in my thinner areas. I found this product much easier than the Brow Shake Filling Powder that I still haven't gotten to grips with.

What else can you get? 💁🏼

💚 Cara Camo 60 Seconds Supershine Nail Polish in Camo Girl 405 (the collection also includes Black Out 801


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