The Clomid Diaries | Cycle 1 - 50 mg

21 June 2017

The time to begin my first cycle of Clomid finally arrived and with that here is the first in what I hope will be short series, The Clomid Diaries. I explained in my previous post about our Second Fertility Appointment what Clomid and why I need it and am using these posts to log the side affects and feelings of each cycle. 

The Clomid Diaries Cycle 1

Day 1 💊

Naturally with it being the first day of the first ever cycle I was already a mixed bag of emotions. I eagerly anticipated 6pm when I had planned to take the Clomid to avoid the side affects by sleeping as per the advice on the fertility forums. What I hadn't taken into consideration was the fact that we were away glamping in Wales this week and the first night of a holiday always mean a later night's sleep for me. I first thought that I was lucky enough to avoid any immediate side affects at all but at around 10:30pm the nausea kicked in and stayed with me until I went to sleep. It's a strange kind of nausea, I almost felt gassy, my throat started making almost burp sounds and the stronger waves of nausea happened every few minutes. It took a while to find a comfortable position to sleep in - it was a little like being drunk...without actually being drunk, gutted 😷. My temperature was also up and down but this could have been due to where were sleeping but it's something I'll be sure to monitor. 

Day 2 💊

I woke up dead early - not sure if this was again, due to being away from home but I was starving - I ended up having a cheese and ham baguette for breakfast and didn't really stop eating all day. I took the Clomid at 6pm and noticed again that the nausea came at around 10:15pm. Fortunately, as we spent the day walking I fell asleep easily and was able to ignore the feeling of sickness. 

Day 3 💊

I didn't feel as bad by day 3 but I  noticed that I was constantly hungry which is something that I need to keep an eye on because weight gain is a common side effect and I can't afford new clothes. We drove back to Bedford from Crewe and I was feeling travel sick as usual so I was unable to determine what was car sickness and what was nausea. I decided to take the Clomid later on this evening to avoid the worst of it - I took it at 9pm and went to bed at around midnight, I woke a few times in the night in a cold sweat and had to get up to cool down but the sickness wasn't there. 

Day 4 💊

I woke up feeling hungry and this sort of continued throughout the day. I also felt really lethargic and had little motivation to do anything as well as small waves of nausea throughout the afternoon. I rested and spent the day pottering around the flat - there wasn't much else to report. 

Day 5 💊

Last day, thank goodness! Day 5 wasn't too bad at all - the nausea had gone and the only side effect left was the hot flushes which weren't helped by the hot weather we're having lately, I spent most of the day sweating and trying not to spend the next few days looking for some sign of ovulation and just going with the idea that it probably wouldn't work this cycle. I could've gone and got some ovulation tests but I thought it was better for me mentally to just wait for the blood test results and go from there. 

Cycle Days 13 - 16 💁🏼

I didn't really expect to add these days into this post but that's because I was unsure of what was going to happen with this whole Clomid malarky. According to Ovia, days 13 and 14 were the later part of my fertile days and from day 16-21 was my suggested ovulation stage. During this time I began to feel subtle cramps in the very bottom of my tummy and then spent a large portion of the night of day 13 with very sharp and sudden pains in my right side - I suspected these were ovulation pains (it's been so long since I felt them that I wasn't certain) although I wasn't convinced that I had actually ovulated I was pretty chuffed that something was happening down there. 

I also noticed that from day 16 - 21 that pesky nausea came back as well as some hormonal mood swings, mainly me being a proper cow to Luke. I had to take a couple of days off work as I was knackered after all this ovary action but by day 21 I was back to normal. 

Blood Results 💉

You will never guess what happened, I BLOODY OVULATED, with an ovary - in my womb! I am so proud of myself. So the blood tests suggested that I had produced enough progesterone to indicate that ovulation had happened - I'm not sure by how much they had increased by (that all comes later on in a letter). I've been told to continue on the 50mg dose of Clomid for now which is a blessing because these side effects are hard. Fingers crossed my ovaries keep up the good work and we can start introducing some of these newly released eggs to Luke. 


  1. Good luck in your journey and I hope you and your partner are successful x


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