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28 June 2017

It's no secret that I love coffee, after Albie and Cecil coffee is probably my second love so any opportunity to sample coffee is snapped up. With age, I've become somewhat of a coffee snob - nothing tastes better than freshly ground coffee and instant just doesn't do it for me anymore. When We Love Coffee sent me three bags of their ground coffee I think I died and went to heaven. After spending the entire day sniffing the bags I couldn't wait to get them in a cafetiere. 

We Love Coffee Post

Massimo ☕️

The Massimo blend has to be my favourite, whilst being rich and full, there's a smoothness that makes it ideal for a milky cup or latte. This the blend I've been reaching for the most often especially during the weekend mornings when I really want to indulge. I've also found that this blend has a hint of chocolate that makes it an extra indulgence and a coffee I never want to end. 

We Love Coffee Post

Signature ☕️

I like my coffee bitter and strong, I found that the signature blend has a strong taste but also that smoothness that it seems We Love Coffee excel at - I prefer drinking the signature blend black and in the morning whilst rushing around - I found the signature blend to be the perfect all day coffee but with a distinctive, high quality taste that has unsurprisingly won awards. 

Bulldog 🐶☕️

I was most excited about trying this blend - I love dogs and I love coffee so this was always going to be a good idea. I heard that Dino the bulldog actually made this blend himself with his own paws which is amazing considering he has no thumbs. Now I love me good Arabica coffee and bulldog gives me the bonuses of an Arabica coffee from the sweet overtones to that almost fruity fragrance and that nutty taste that I can't get enough of. 

This is a difficult sentence to read but there's no other way to put it, I love We love coffee and if you're a coffee lover, you will too!

We Love Coffee Post

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  1. Issy these pictures are gorgeous! Personally i prefer tea but love the smell of coffee!! Always need a caffeine hit in the morning to get me going!! Haha!! 😀
    Love You
    Sarah xxxxxx


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