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2 July 2017

The Palettes

I got the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection way back in April but never got round to posting about it because there's only so many variations of the same review that the Blogosphere can take. After having a couple of days off work due this pesky fertility medication making me feel rotten I decided to perk myself up by having a big fat pamper bath followed by a little experiment with some colour. My eye make-up look often consists of similar shades of brown and a generic smoky eye, the whole purpose of getting the sweet peach eye shadow palette was to introduce my make-up routine to some colour. 

Sweet Peach post

We all know that Too Face nail palettes every time, and Sweet Peach is no exception, each shade is perfectly pigmented and as ever, easily blendable. The only thing I did notice with this palette is that the shimmer shades do come out slightly more matte than anticipated but they're still stunning nonetheless. As expected, the Sweet Peach Glow Palette is nothing short of amazing - it consists of a highlighter, blusher and bronzer that work perfectly together to create a subtle yet stunning finish. 

Sweet Peach post

The Lip Oils 

I have all the oils but for this look I used Papa Don't Peach which is a darker toned more nude shade that adds a subtle hint of peach and a natural shine. These oils have more coverage than regular glosses but without that sticky-hair-attracting residue that puts most people off them, the oil elements leave lips feeling nourished and don't dry them out - perfect for the warmer months.

Sweet Peach post

The Look 

I wanted to create a look that could be worn both evening and night that was easy to apply and didn't require the use of eyeliner or lashes (because I am useless at both). After preparing my lids with primer and applying my brows, I used the shades Candied Peach and Just Peachy in my crease and blended Georgia over my lid, I then used Puree to add some shade in the outer corners on my eye and White Peach in the inner corners to highlight as well as a small amount dabbed on the centre of my lid to add more definition. I blended Just Peachy and Candied Peach under my bottom lashes and applied mascara - to open my eyes more (because they were slightly puffy from being unwell) I added a small layer of champagne eyeliner in the waterline of my bottom lid. 

My overall base was the Bare Minerals Original foundation and I used the Sweet Peach Illuminate, Blush and Bronzing palette to do just that and the Papa Don't Peach Oil to compliment the the colour scheme. This look adds a pop of colour and is dead easy to apply and takes barely any time. 

Sweet Peach MOTD Post

Sweet Peach MOTD post

Sweet Peach MOTD post

Sweet Peach MOTD post

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  1. Love this look! I'm getting my first Too Faced palette soon - cant wait! Great post xoxo


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