Preggo? The low down on my first trimester

19 August 2017

If you don't follow me on social media (which you totally should btw) you'll have missed me announce the amazing news that after two years of tests, tears and a little bit of treatment Luke and I finally managed to make a baby.  I thought that I'd embrace pregnancy with open arms and be some mother earth ethereal glowing princess basking in the joys of growing a baby but I've ended up giving the girl from the Exorcist a run for her money and felt rotten for the past 8 weeks, not to mention all the other fascinating yet terrifying changes that my body has gone through; with this in mind, I've compiled a list of the thoughts, changes and experiences I've had the past 12 weeks:

Pregnancy Announcement

1. Not quite believing I'm even preggo - It was only eight tests later and one early scan that I finally (kind of) accepted that something might just be growing in my womb.

2. Immediate loss of sex drive - unfortunately for Luke this is still going strong and is quite literally the last thing on my mind.  

3. Period pain - the first 6 weeks of pregnancy consisted of a lot of cramps which had me totally convinced I was about to come on at any given moment 

4. Giant nipples, oh my god how did they get so big am I ok?  

5. Googling things like "Will I hurt my baby if I sneeze too hard?"

6. Morning sickness isn't just a morning thing but we all know that, what I didn't know was that it is a constant feeling of nausea and lack of appetite that can bring the strongest of women to tears 

7. The only desired clothing is leggings or PJs or preferably nothing 

8. There is no bump, it's always food 

9. My skin has reverted to it's 15 year old state and showered itself with spots 

10. The rest of my skin has dried up and f*cked off 

11. Everything smells 

12. I never anticipated this one and its pretty hard to admit but, I've gone off coffee 

13. I am exhausted 90% of the time, like properly shattered can't get out of bed kind of tired

14. I cried at how fluffy Cecil's tummy is 

15. The thought of something growing and moving around inside me creeps me out a bit 

16. Midwives actually speak in another language 

17. Scan pictures can be looked at for hours, days even

18. Luke will never be emotional enough about this, I want tears! 

19. Weetos taste the same on the way back up as they do on the way down 

20. Pantyliners are needed 


  1. So happy for you and Luke issy! Hopefully the sickness will get better for you!

    Lucy |

  2. I very strongly relate to almost all of these - the first trimester is actually awful. But the nausea went away for me as soon as I hit about 14 weeks. The second trimester is definitely a lot easier (at least in my experience) and you get a bump so people actually realise you're pregnant - not just overdoing it on the snacks haha

  3. Huge congratulations, it's such lovely news! I can relate to everything you wrote. Projectile vomiting, check. Went off coffee, check. Also agree about the scan photos, I've had our 20 week one on the sideboard since I got it and look at it whenever I pass. The first trimester was such a weird time I can't say I'll miss it! Although the second trimester bought with it it's own new weird set of stuff. I think the whole 'glow' thing has definitely been made up to trick us haha. - Amy

  4. wow congrats this must be super exciting! So happy for you


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