Sensational Struggles and Hacks

A couple of months ago I treated myself to an Sensational Express kit in the shade Made Him Blush. I’m always desperate for long lasting manicured nails bit don’t have the time or funds to get my nails done professionally regularly enough so Sensationail seemed like the perfect, at home option. The express kit was £30 in total and came with the LED lamp and a put of the specially formulated paint. Unlike the regular Sensationail sets, the express kit consists of one product and the need for up to two coats before nails are good to go, in addition to this, only a 30 second curing time is needed. 

Sensationail Tips and Tricks

How did I get on with it? 

Not very well to put it simply; I must add that this is more than likely due to the fact that I was so excited to use the kit that I didn’t bother reading the guidelines and just went straight to applying paint, which came out like treacle!  For any first time Sensationail users, be aware that the products are thicker than usual nail paints and require thinner coats. After quickly realising this I soon had a full set of dry, shiny, pink nails and was ready to go about my day. Unfortunately my nails didn’t get very as within an hour all but two nails had quite literally peeled off in one go leaving me pretty devastated. 

I decided to give up on the express kit and took advantage of the offer in Boots and bought the French Manicure Gel Nail set from Boots. The Gel Polish kits require a lot more work than the Express Kits. 

The Gel Polish Kit 

This time I skimmed over the instructions and went on my merry way to painting on some not too shabby French tips (the kit does come with some adhesive-type tips but that seemed a little too faffy for me) I then applied the pink coat and then the final coat and began to cure my nails under the lamp. 

Word of warning for new users: Gel polish kits require 60 seconds under the Express kit lamp rather then 30 

Upon removing my nails from the lamp I was horrified to discover that my nails were still sticky and nowhere near dry – I thought that maybe I had miscounted how many times I had cured them for and popped them under the lamp for another 30 seconds or so but nope, nails were still sticky. 
After a delicate google I realised that I needed the Gel Cleanser to remove the tackiness after curing google also told me that antiseptic could do this so I brushed my nails with some hand sanitiser gel thinking it’d be a disaster, but it worked! I was suddenly blessed with a perfect French manicure that was going to last for up to 2 weeks!

Sensationail hacks

Or was I? 

Again, after less than an hour some nails peeled off in one and I genuinely wondered if I had mistakenly bought the Peel off kits the whole time – I had not. At this point I had resigned myself to the fact that maybe Sensationail is just a little bit shit and my hopes and dreams had been dashed but I decided to try and make it work nonetheless. 


I painted my nails with a plain black Rimmel 60 second polish and the coated it with the top coat from the Gel Polish kit. The top coat slightly changed the tone of the black to a midnight blue that I really liked but dried well and didn’t seem to be peeling off anywhere. Lo and behold, it worked and I had shiny black / blue witch nails for a whole two weeks! So, you don’t have to buy all the Sensationail kits to enjoy the benefits of at-home gel nails, you can just use the topcoat (but be aware of how it may change shades). 

Sensationail Advice 

After telling Instagram how gutted I was that both kits hadn’t worked for me, Sensationail sent me some infographics on how to properly apply the paints to avoid the peeling that I was experiencing. From what I can gather, I’m not even close to prepping my nails before applying paint and need to file and buff the nail as well as ensure they’re properly clean (with washing up liquid) before getting down to business. I’m yet to try this because y’know effort but I promise I will and let you know results. Meanwhile I’m happy being lazy and just using the topcoat, shhh!

Sensationail hacks

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  1. Oh wow... I really wanted this because i am so poor in applying the nail color. Thanks for the tutorial with images and i will follow this for good results.