20 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Freddie has been living in my womb for a whole 20 weeks and has hit the half way mark *round of applause for Freddie* the scan showed that his organs are functioning properly; he has a proper skeleton and is drinking his pee (nice). Pregnancy is continuing to be the weirdest experience that I’ve ever had and I’m sure it’s only going to intensify as we get close to the actually popping him out. I gave up trying to battle through morning sickness and got myself some medication that became my new favourite thing. So, here are some thoughts and moments from the past eight weeks.

letter writes

1. It turns out that my nipples can get bigger – much bigger, bigger than the moon in fact. 

2. That thing about glowing is a lie, I have the worst acne I’ve had since a teenager and my face is so dry that it’s falling off. Nothing but Aveeno can save me now. 

3. I made Luke physically sick, I went to show him my massive bangers in a bid to be sexy. Turns out I had a huge whitehead in my cleavage (yeah, pregnancy acne doesn’t just stay on the face) Luke pointed at it and asked what it was, I looked down and proceeded to dribble on it and down my bump to which point Luke heaved. Fab. 

4. My tummy is officially fluffier than Cecil’s 

5. I think my teeth might fall out soon, my gums bleed every morning so my teeth are blood stained for most of the day. I’m styling it out now but after Halloween I might be a bit buggered. 

6. Everyone has an opinion on how I should bring him up or, thinks it’s ok to ask personal questions like ‘how are you going to afford childcare?’, ‘why are you using Bio Oil? It’s full of nasty chemicals’ and ‘what style of parenting are you going to use?’ (Feck off)

7. Pregnancy has made me sassy, I just have less time for people’s shite these days and will tell them without hesitation – basically, I am rude.

8. Fainting is becoming normal behaviour; too hot? Faint. Bored? Faint. In a queue? Faint. Getting out of the bath? Faint out of the bath. 

9. A headache is really just a headache, there isn’t any need to call 111 but it doesn’t matter if you do 

10. Preggo farts are impressively toxic 

11. People don’t want to sit next to the pregnant person on the train and that is fine by me 

12.Don’t feel worried about not feeling the baby move, it’ll happen soon enough and is the strangest feeling ever 

13. Will I ever not be tired though? 

14. 3D scans are not cute 

In other news, I recently popped up to Crewe to see my family and Freddie decided to kick everyone, he also got to sort of meet the legend that he's named after and I got to stuff my face with proper chips and gravy. The next time we're supposed to see him is when he's born but his Nanny has mentioned a 3D scan so that'll be exciting and terrifying.

letter writes

20 Week Pregnancy Update


  1. Loved reading this!! I think my favourite bits are moon nipples, sexy dribble and flufy cat tummy :D :D xx

  2. Well done Freddie! And well done Issy too! I loved reading this, I know we're both high on the sass scale at the moment, but it's been interesting to see how else we're the same (and also where we're different!). I've definitely been comparing my fluffy tummy to the cat's, but my skin is dryer than the Sahara Desert! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  3. You make me larf! I was not a fan of pregnancy and my nipples looked like big brown saucers!!! .... can't say I dribbled...You're on your own there!

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