Maternity OOTD and Nude Jewellery

28 October 2017

Ok, so nothing in this outfit is actually maternity wear, I’m still just about getting away with wearing sized up leggings and baggy tops but I don’t think this will last very long. I didn’t anticipate how difficult finding comfy and practical clothes would be during pregnancy. Whilst I want to look marginally fashionable, I also want to be in PJs or naked for the rest of my life. To try and make myself feel a little more human I’m concentrating on accessorizing my boring baggy tops and leggings. 

Maternity pumpkin patch shoot

pregnant blogger pumpkin patch

maternity shoot fall

nude jewellery issy belle fox

nude jewellery issy belle fox

The necklace, Nude Jewellery*

I love this necklace, it’s been handmade and designed by Nikki Galloway and is absolutely stunning. Three circular links are suspended on the delicate chain and have been lightly hammered to create texture as well as beautifully capture the light. Handmade bespoke jewellery is beautiful as each piece is always unique. Receiving this necklace during my pregnancy makes it more special as it will always remind me of this time and the abstract design allows it to be perceived as the wearer wishes – I like to the think that the links represent me, Luke and the baby.  

Bobble Hats 

Aaah, trusty old bobble hats. You'll rarely see me without one during this time of year. I love keeping my giant head warm and hats are the perfect way to jazz up even the most boring of outfits and they hide bad hair days. Primark have a freaking plethora of bobble hats on show and I am tempted to get one in every shade possible!
Where: Primark Price: £2.50 - £3.00

Jackets and Coats 

Jackets and coats that look good undone are perfect for fitting around that protruding stomach, I can just about get away with wearing this denim jacket (although I was a bit chilly at the pumpkin patch and train station), I'm wearing a lot of long waterfall cardigans to try and stay warm and look less plain but I definitely think I need to get a maternity coat soon.
Where: Newlook (a few seasons ago)

This post contains a stunning PR sample, all thoughts are my own 


  1. this is such a beautiful and easy to carry look for the halloween. i am going to make sure to use this one for next year and adding something of my own. thank you for posting

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