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Budgeting for Christmas with Mad Beauty*

I'm always extra organised when it comes to Christmas but I could always be more organised. With Freddie on the way and the tax man having some big Lols at Luke's expense, I'm determined to not leave us penniless by January. This has involved me getting started a little earlier than usual (I enjoy the buzz of buying presents and genuinely LOVE wrapping so I don't like it to be over too soon) whilst starting to plan things it's got me thinking of some great money saving tips and things that I can implement into next year to ensure Christmas is as stress free as possible from now on (bearing in mind a fat man in a certain suit will soon be crawling down the chimney). 

Christmas Gift Idea
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1. Lists 

I always write a list of the people I'm buying for and jot down any ideas of gifts I might have for them -  this can often be a long while before I actually make a purchase but knowing who and more importantly how many people you're buying for saves you from the awkward moment when you forget someone which leads us nicely on to the next tip 

2. Budget 

This involves two budgets - the lump sum that you can afford to spend on Christmas in total and the amount you intend to spend on each individual. I tend to spend around the same on everyone apart from my Mum (who also gets gifts from the cat and dog) and Luke who obviously gets spoilt because I'm a big softy. 

2.1 Budget Continued 

Don't divide you're entire budget between each person - always make sure you have some money left over for wrapping paper, additional people you might need to buy gifts for such as secret santa's, the life-saving pet sitters and other family members who might (or might) not be around during the festive season (and of course the extra festive manicure you've had your eye on since late October, say whaaaat). 

3. Be Imaginative 

Those creative folk can make the best gifts that cost the least amount of money. Unfortunately, I can't make anything other than a mess (badum tshhhh) but I've had a long hard think about how I can be a little more creative with my gift giving and with a little help from the massive range of goodies at Mad Beauty, I'm giving the ladies of my life some goody bags filled beauty treats that I know they'll love. The pink crackers in this post contain different flavour lip glosses and are the perfect beauty treat to add in stockings, gift bags or even pop in your tree. I am in love with the Mad Beauty Christmas range that you can view here. There's no denying that the high street stores have some cracking bargains on during the festive season but Mad Beauty has competitive prices as well as gifts that I bet your family and friends haven't seen before. 

Mad Beauty Christmas Post
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4. Make Sacrifices Early 

I'm partial to a couple of trips of  Costa a week cutting out two lattes saves me around £6 which could go towards someone's gift - in three weeks this makes a saving of nearly £20 that can go straight into your present pot. Think about other savings you could make, cutting out take aways, making packed lunches or cancelling that beauty subscription box for a few months. 

5. Depop, Ebay and Facebook 

Getting ready for the baby has made me realise how much stuff I've hoarded. Clearing out the spare room ready for his nursery as well as noticing all the clothes I don't fit into has given me a brilliant excuse to have a big old clear out and sell some bits for some quick cash online. It's amazing how much things can go for and how quickly you can make yourself a tidy sum. 

6. Loyalty Cards 

If you use loyalty cards, try and save up your points until the festive season - the amount of times I pop into Boots and Superdrug throughout the year can make a huge difference when it comes to those three for two deals we all love. 

Mad Beauty Christmas Ideas
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7. Kids aren't snobs 

Or at least they shouldn't be! Don't go overboard with spending a fortune on the little people in your family. Most often their parents and the big man tend to sort them out with the toys they need so think about something different. The works do fantastic art sets and kids can never have enough crayons, books and DVDs are always popular as well as some good sweet treats that can be found in the magical isles of the likes of B&M. 

8. Start Early Early 

And by early early, I'm talking about January; those sales can be the perfect time to pick up some proper bargains for the next year and if you've budgeted well enough you might have a little left over for a post-christmas sales sesh that could also prove fruitful for yourself. 

9. Be honest with people 

If things are properly tight and you can barely afford a penny, talk to your loved ones. They won't judge you and will try and make the situation as comfortable as possible for you. Don't struggle in silence and don't break your back trying to keep up with it all. 

10. Christmas Treats 

Now really is the time to start buying those tins of treats don't think that it can wait until another day because before you know it you'll be selling your soul for a tin of Roses and begrudging every mouthful. Again, pound shops, B&M and Home Bargains are treasure troves for festive treats, the hard part is not eating them until the big day. 

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This post contains PR Samples and all products featured in the Imagery are from Mad Beauty 


  1. Some fantastic tips, particularly talking to your loved ones if you're struggling to afford everything. I'm really looking forward to being able to afford little presents for people this year, the past to years have been very tight! I tend to start early so I can shop around and get the best deals. Paying for delivery because you've left it too late can massively add to the cost of Christmas! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  2. There's some fantastic tips! I definitely like the loyalty cards idea and starting early. I tend to buy from shops instead of online to save money from shipping :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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