Gift ideas for people you don't like

'tis the season to be jolly fa la la la, la la laaaaaaa and that means that it's also the season of goodwill and the time of the year when we often have to buy gifts for people we don't know / like / have a clue what to get for. But don't worry, I gotchoo covered for all three scenarios with this selection of some of my favourite gift ideas. 
Gift guide for people you don't like

A toilet mug 

Personally I think that this is a great gift and might have to purchase one for my Father-In-Law because his Twat and Cock mugs from previous years have broken as he insists on putting them in the microwave even when they specifically say they're not suitable. 

A Giant Teddy 

is a brilliantly romantic / cute gift when you first think of it but then the recipient has to try and find somewhere to put the bloody thing (three years later and I can finally palm mine off onto the baby and keep it in his room for as long as possible).

A Lynx Africa Set 

A LOT of men and boys get this set for Christmas but how many of them actually like it? Christmas wouldn't be the same if Luke didn't get one for Christmas and last year we made sure all three of his brothers got one. 


Literally a ball of nothing and it's the perfect standard secret santa price of a Fiver 

A Pom Pom 

They're everywhere so they much be super stylish, right? Make someone's day with a fluffy ball of sh*t. 


Zoella said it's ok so why not just give your loved one a little baggy of glitter? You can get get 250g which is enough to go around your whole family if you're as tight as our Zo. 

A Trump Bobble Head 

Need I say more? 


  1. THIS IS BLOODY EPIC ISSY. Is it bad I want a toilet mug though?! x

  2. Hahaha this is amazing!!! My baby has also inherited all the cuddly toys I've been given as gifts that I felt guilty throwing away! I kind of want a toilet mug though...
    Hels xx

  3. This is bloody brilliant and 100% getting “nothing” if I get a shit person for secret Santa 😂

    Emily-May x

  4. Haha I love this! It's such a good idea. I think somebody might be getting a toilet mug this year!
    Kate x

  5. OMG!All of your choices have me reeling with those epic reasonings too! Giant teddies really are the biggest burdens as you would feel so guilty just chucking it out. What an covertly evil gift to give someone though really xxx

  6. Omg I love this post! Such a good idea hahaha. The toilet mug is one id get 😂 xx

  7. Ha ha!! Brilliant post! The ball of nothing is hilarious! xx

  8. The ball of nothing is quite possibly my favourite thing ever xx

  9. Paaaaaa this post is AMAZING!!! The glitter, all the glitter. I’m gonna send some to everyone!

  10. Hahaha you are too funny! This is the best gift guide around!

  11. I am screaming. This is genius.

  12. Hahahahaha I love this post! I definitely have a few people that deserve things from this list 😉

  13. This is actually amazing . I have been waiting for this for over a week now and I'm so impressed. This definitely did not fail to deliver!! I especially love the pot of glitter hahah!! x

  14. This post is absolutely amazing & had me laughing. Great job! x

  15. This is so funny!! The toilet mug makes me wanna gag a little!

  16. This is hilarious!! The trump bobble head...!!! Hahaha!
    Em x

  17. Last weekend I had the joy of gifting one of my dearest friends and her now-spouse with a framed handmade papercut for their wedding. It was amazing and the rate was affordable. Love tree gift