Gift ideas for people you don't like part 2

Okay, so I might've had a little too much fun much creating my last post and continued to search the internet for the most annoying / pointless gifts that I could find; with that in mind, here's round to superbly shite gifts for people you don't like. You'll notice that I haven't included links and prices to some of the items on here because in all honestly if you can't google them yourself, you shouldn't be on the internet.

Gifts for people you hate  part 2

A Recorder

If you're buying for someone with children the best way that you can ensure that you get right on their tits is by purchasing their little cherub a recorder, there's nothing like the sound of a child 'playing' the recorder to drive a parent to distraction.

Ambiguous liqueurs

Arguably the shoddiest chocolates out there, I mean who really likes chocolate filled with dodgy alcohol? The best ones to get are from foreign  food shops where your recipient can only get an idea of what your generous gift tastes like by actually tasting it.

A canvas print

and not just any canvas print but a large canvas print of the most horrific photo (within reason) that you can find of them on Facebook, maybe the thoughtful gesture of locating a photo of them and their other half would be ideal.

Prank Candles 

Probably one of the favourite gifts that I've found online; these are candles that start off smelling nice but end up smelling like utter shite, literally. My favourite has to be apple pie to fart, how amazing does that sound? I might have to buy one of these for a proper review. 
Where: Here 
How Much: $15.38

Essex Boy: My Story 

I read the free preview of this on Amazon books and it was my first (and last) dip into the pool of reality TV star autobiographies and it was so bad it was almost good. There's a paragraph where our Kirk describes his girth with his limited vocabulary and it's soul destroying. 

A Boris Johnson Cushion 


How to be a better person 

This actually seems like  a really interesting story and a book I might accidentally pop into my shopping cart for myself but the passive aggressive title would be perfect for an office secret santa.


  1. I hate recorders. Absolute devil on an instrument if you can call it that xx

  2. I laughed out loud as soon as I saw the recorder!! I can still hear my brother playing it (badly) on a long car journey after getting it for Christmas! xx


  3. OMG! Are those transforming candles really a thing? What an utterly devious gift haha! xxx

  4. The candle sounds amazing! I would love to know if it really works!

  5. Haha I LOVE ITTT "if you can't google them yourself, you shouldn't be on the internet." YES!!! I flipping love you chick, these posts are AMAZINGGGG

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. Loving these posts - I literally cannot think of a better present for someone you don't like than those candles! x

  7. OMG Issy, you the QUEEN! Also, you'd have to really, REALLY hate someone to give them a recorder!!

  8. Haha love this. Was waiting for the second edition. The boris Johnson cushion is just fab! So many funny ideas!!

  9. Not gonna lie, actually laughing away here. The Boris cushion is horrible ha!

  10. Hahahah i am dreading the day someone gets my daughter a bloody recorder!!