pregnancy update | 32 weeks

2 January 2018

Can you bloody believe I'm thirty two weeks pregnant? That's a half a year, I can't believe I'm pregnant at all to be honest. Pregnancy has been hard and I don't mean hard in some kind of mard arse millenial way, I mean as a process it's physically hard yet incredible what the body goes through and my god have been feeling it lately. To celebrate hitting the mile stone of the thirty two weeks I've complied a list of some of the less glamorous things about pregnancy that I didn't anticipate. 
32 weeks pregnant bumo update

The back ache - Oh the back ache, as someone who has never experienced back ache before, my heart goes out to anyone suffering with back pain because it's unbearable. Lying on either side hurts yet the recent medical advice making waves through the various news outlets is that lying on your back WILL KILL YOUR BABY and I've had numerous friends and relatives get in touch to make sure I'm sleeping on my side...thanks guys. 

Kicks hurt - Those subtle little flutters are a thing of the past and I now have something trying to tear his way out of my stomach and it doesn't stop, I get ready to settle for bed and he starts performing water aerobics in my bladder or in my ribs or on both sides so I can't lie in any way comfortably. He won't be laughing when he comes out and can't even roll over, ha! 

The CF - I thought this would stop, I thought, along with periods it'd be the end of all that malarky but no, there's more and panty-liners are my new best friend. 

The Sickness - it's not back like slim shady but it's creeping back, I thought I'd take a paracetomol (y'know the only pain relief I'm allowed)  a couple of weeks ago and two hours later I was reenacting that scene from the exorcist all over the bathroom and Albert. 

Acid Reflux - I didn't know what it was pre-preggo but I sure as hell do now. It's when your stomach wants to live at the back of your throat and make you feel like throwing up all the time. It doesn't mix well with paracetomol at all so you kind of have to put up with it and the back pain. 

32 weeks bump update

Poo Contractions - these little beauties were something I had to google as I was convinced I was about to give birth, turns out it's just your body preparing you for contractions whilst you have a dump. Fabulous. 

The Questions - this is the time when people ask me about the birth plan that I don't have or what type of bottles I'll be using like I knew that there was a selection or what I'll be doing with the after birth, is that the baby or?

Indigestion - RENNIES DON'T WORK AND NEITHER DOES NORMAL GAVISCON YOU NEED GAVISCON ADVANCE this has been my biggest pain lately and again, something that I haven't really experienced before. There's not much worse than being absolutely starving yet unable eat anything because of the gas, the sounds and the acid. The only medical advice I've been given is to sleep sitting upright. My back lolled at that. 

Boobs - My 16 week massive bangers are now lost due to the size of my belly and look like there's nothing there. My unflattering maternity bra doesn't help perk them up either but I'm at stage where I'm so uncomfortable that I really don't care.

Farts - they just fall out, no shame

Breathlessness - I can't breathe anymore, I'm not even sure I have lungs I'm just intestines, bowel and baby

Whilst these posts seem to be highlighting all the negative aspects of pregnancy I don't I think I need to spell out that I am carrying my son in my I? Because having the privilege of doing this when it was so close to being impossible is the best thing to ever happen to me...that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to moan about my poor suffering body.

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  1. A good honest post is what I like to read. Pregnancy is incredible but it’s not everyday people share these things. You are glowing btw! Xx

  2. Ahhh Issy this post is really getting me excited for the next few weeks of pregnancy (HA!)... the joys we have to go through eh? I fully feel you on the backache - that has well and truely kicked in for me. Also - the kicks for me right now feel weird but not painful so I have that to look forward too! Overall I loved this post - being pregnant really is the most amazing thing ever, despite all the hardships it brings !

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy babe xxxx


  3. Oh god this made me lol! It's so true and I love how you write about things LOL!!!! Also you are looking absolutely GLOWING in your pics! xx

  4. I've not had a baby yet, but it's honestly so nice to read something so honest. There's so much out there that makes it sound like a care-free journey with no negative quirks. It must be so wonderful knowing you're carrying something so special, I love that you reiterate that pregnancy really is something truly wonderful. I've loved reading this post, the more updates the better. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  5. You most definitely are allowed to moan! I was so fed up when i was in the late stages with Erin. It goes without saying gow happy you are irs qritten all over your glowing face. Good luck with everything. Libby - neverwearswhite

  6. Haha I love this! My boobs killed, my farts fell out regularly and I made this weird gipping noise all the time because of the reflux. Pregnancy is not as sexy as people make out xx

  7. I don't think I've ever empathised with a post as much as I have with this! Farts most definitely pop out whenever they want and acid reflux is the DEVIL!! It's definitely not glamours and whilst pregnancy is to be cherished, I bloody well hated mine. Not any time soon again thanks very Kindly!! x

  8. I've yet to have children but honestly posts like this are far more reassuring than those that sugar coat it all. I want to know what I need to be prepared for and what y'know to stock up on when we decide to extend my gene pool (god help us all). I know you probably hear it all the time but you truly are glowing! x

  9. So honest and so full of humour! You are glowing!

  10. Ha all of this is spot on! Pregnancy is the most unbelievable thing that my body has ever done, but good grief it is also the least glamorous, least sexy and most bizarre experience my body has ever had. I never got to experience points contractions though?!
    Gorgeous photos, love this update!
    Hels 💕

  11. Haha I love you Issy, Pregnancy sucks, and definitely isn't glam. AJ broke my ribs. he BROKE them, and the midwife laughed and said yeah, totally normal, they will heal when he comes out. THANKS. My son lay transverse (Across the way) so I couldn't sit or move half the time in fear of squashing his head between my hip & rib (hense the broken rib) and just think, you have all the fun to come too ;)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. I love how real this is. Everyone talks about how amazing pregnancy is & while I know that it's such a gift, it's so good to get an honest perspective on the negative sides of pregnancy!

  13. You look gorgeous darling....loving the warts n all honesty xxx

  14. Oh god. Pregnancy sounds pretty awful. Bit of course, like you say you are carrying your son. You’ll have to feedback if all the bad is forgotten once he is here.

  15. Hey beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy babe!! I hope you're doing well apart from all the aches and pains. Loved reading this raw (and amusing) post! As much as a gift having a baby may be, there's also a lot of real things no one ever seems to talk about.
    Lots of love,
    Ramshaa Rose


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