Sunday, 25 February 2018

Trying out The Ordinary

Oh it's a bit of an iffy time to be writing about these guys isn't it? Deciem R U Ok Hun? Will you ever get some Hylauronic Acid in stock mate? For those of you who don't know, The Ordinary is a brand owned by parent company Deciem (who is having some erm, issues atm) The Ordinary is a beauty brand that focuses on the chemistry and biochemistry involved in creating skincare and cosmetics for specific issues and areas that allow you to create a skincare routine based on your skin's direct needs. 


Did you get on the Vero Hype?

Aaah, I do love a good bandwagon - I can't remember the last one that people so eagerly jumped on in their droves or, where it started but last Saturday night my twitter feed become a torrent of people sharing their Vero user names and / or people asking what the hell Vero actually is. With that that there also came some discrepancies about their Privacy Policy (that, credit to them they soon amended) as well the fact that the app experienced technical difficulties due to the amount of people signing up (I bet they were buzzing at Vero HQ) I finally managed to get in myself and have a good nosey around as well as read the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and smartly named, Manifesto. So here's my first impressions of what has been hailed the new Instagram.
Vero App Profile Page


Friday, 23 February 2018

Preparing for a baby on a budget | The Nursery Furniture

Babies cost A LOT and lets not mention the elephant in the room called childcare - I'm still hysterically lolling about how we're going to afford that but that's a problem for another day. When we first found out we were preggo I was overwhelmed with exactly how much a baby needs and how much it all costs. It's also very easy as an expectant parent to get lost in knowing what your baby needs and what is just very clever marketing.

Dressing table featuring Beatrix Potter book collection, letter train and baby shoes


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

BADgal BANG by Benefit review

This little tinker has being causing a right scene across beauty land hasn't it! If it's not people being annoyed about that Maldives trip it's clumpgate. I love a good old Benefit press release and the hype that always surrounds a new product launch especially when its a new mascara; I wasn't keen on They're Real but loved Roller Lash, I didn't try the OG Badgal but was keen to try out the re-launch. Once I'd seen some of those lucky PR list bloggers try it out first of course. 

BADgal BANG by Benefit


Monday, 19 February 2018

Lip Skincare Routine featuring Elizabeth Arden and Clinique

Dry lips have been the bane of my life for a good couple of years; to the point where I’ve developed an unhealthy habit of peeling and picking them and making them worse than they were when they were just dry. I’ve tried a plethora of products over the years from balms to creams to oils and nothing has helped. It’s got me down, lip products are probably my favourite piece of make-up and whilst I’ve been treating myself to odd limited edition piece I’ve barely been able to justify wearing anything because of my dry lips. Most days I’ve not work anything on my lips because everything was drying after a while and every product simply highlighted the dry patches of skin on my lips.


Saturday, 17 February 2018

Out and About: Albero Lounge, Bedford

Last year Bedford saw a variety of new restaurants open up on the new Riverside North project and whilst I thought it was great to see so many jobs coming to town as well making space of a beautiful area and bringing more income, I was a little disappointed with the range of restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I am a die hard Nando's fan but that's pretty much where it ends when it comes to big chain restaurants, the rest just seem a bit...samey and not my cuppa tea at all. I'd kind of avoided the whole new complex for this reason until I started hearing the buzz about the Albero Lounge based at the old Cowper Building next to the courts and old town hall. 

The courtyard of The Albero Lounge, Bedford

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Impress Press On Manicure

I’ve got a thing about nails; whilst I love having them painted, I hate it when they chip / break and have to paint them all over again. I went through a phase recently of getting acrylics done but with a baby on the way I don’t think it’s hygienic and I’d worry about scratching him, not to mention the fact that my natural nails have basically died and fallen off – cheers hormones. I was dead chuffed when I got some Impress Gel Nails from Kiss Nails to review, press on nails seem to be the new thing for a quick and easy manicure and I was keen to put them to the test. 

Impress Press on nails in the boxes


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

38 Week Pregnancy Update

38 weeks pregnant and feeling it. 

I am so ready to have this baby, it’s funny how at the start of pregnancy I worried about the logistics of giving birth and now I don’t care…just get him out. I thought now would be the apt time to share some more of my brutally honest pregnancy updates before he arrives so, here goes. 

38 Week Pregnancy Update


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Making room for baby | The Living Room

I started nesting at about 6 weeks pregnant, I think the excitement made me want to start getting ready immediately so one very hot day in July I decided to simultaneously paint the kitchen and cook a roast. I looked like a mad woman climbing over boiling pots of veg, brush in hand manically splattering paint everywhere. I’m surprised Luke stuck around because I soon flaked out on the sofa too over heated to eat the roast or finish my dodgy paint job. Thankfully (for Luke and our deposit) morning sickness soon kicked and the sofa became my permanent residence giving me time to plan making room for the baby sensibly.

direct blinds grey roller blinds and fairy lights

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