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15 February 2018

I’ve got a thing about nails; whilst I love having them painted, I hate it when they chip / break and have to paint them all over again. I went through a phase recently of getting acrylics done but with a baby on the way I don’t think it’s hygienic and I’d worry about scratching him, not to mention the fact that my natural nails have basically died and fallen off – cheers hormones. I was dead chuffed when I got some Impress Gel Nails from Kiss Nails to review, press on nails seem to be the new thing for a quick and easy manicure and I was keen to put them to the test. 

Impress Press on nails in the boxes

What are press on nails?

These aren’t like those old school fake talons that we used to try and glue on back in the day (hands up if you glued your fingers together multiple times). The Impress Gel Nails com complete with a plethora of designs ranging from classic French manicures to glitter and matte designs, there’s something for everyone’s taste. I was immediately drawn to the French Mani set because you just can’t go wrong and the subtle glitter detail on one of the nails adds a perfect touch of glam without being too much. 

Impress press on nails being applied to the thumb nail

Initially I was a little sceptical about press on nails, those glue on bad boys that I mentioned earlier used to drop off all over the shot so how can something that requires just being pressed on stay put? Each nail comes with a patented dual adhesive that helps ensure the nails don’t budge. However, it’s really important to make sure that your nails are clean beforehand. I was so keen to try these and hide this proper manky mani that I had done before Christmas that I grabbed a matte black set in Superdrug and thought I’d try and pop them on top of my half gelled half rotten nails – not a good idea. The nails stuck on amazingly to my thumbs which were clear of any other polish but they were pinging and peeling off on a daily basis on my other nails making me use up the spares (in various sizes) and quickly running out and conceding defeat. I prayed that this was because of my skanky nails and nails and not a reflection of the product. 

Showing a completed hand of impress press on nails in the french manicure set

How do they work? 

Thankfully, it was due to my skanky nails. The process of applying these nails is almost fool proof, simple peel the plastic backing off the false nail and press onto the natural nail whilst ensuring it’s straight and close enough to your cuticle etc. I pressed each nail down firmly for 30 seconds or so to make sure they were right proper stuck on and voilĂ ; beautiful manicured nails in a jiffy. Kiss advise not getting your nails wet for a good hour or so after application to really give the adhesive chance to dry which seems reasonable, I advise applying them just as the dishes need doing. 

Showing the applied nails at another angle

Do they work? 

I was really surprised at how well (the second lot) of nails lasted as well as the variation of nail sizes – I often find that my teeny nails don’t fully fit false nails and cause the larger sizes to drop off quicker but the sets come with perfectly sized nails. My French mani set lasted a week and only lasted that long because I decided to take them off not because they wanted to come off. The only critique I have with the nails is that they easily get stuck in hair but this is expected with stick and glue on false nails as there’s nothing fully securing them to the nail. Being an old hat at falsies I anticipated this and was a little more careful when handling my hair to avoid damaging my hair or ripping the nails off. I consider this a small inconvenience to pay when you’re getting almost salon quality nails for a fraction of the price at £7.99. 

If you’re looking for a budget friendly shorter term manicure then Impress Nails are the perfect solution, I plan on using these right up until the baby is born as they’re so easy to whip on and off and the massive range of styles make me want to try more click here to buy the French Manicure Set from Superdrug.


  1. They look really great! Might be a silly question but how long do they last? xx

    Beautylymin| CharlotteTilburyBlush&BronzeGiveaway

  2. Oh wow! I remember seeing these on your insta but didn’t realise they were press ons. X

  3. These are so impressive! False nails have come on since the years I wore them haha xx

  4. I remember the days of the awful false nails I used to wear as a kid/young teenager. I'm so glad to know that they have some so far since those days!

    Beauty & The Blouse |

  5. I wish I could get on board with these as they sound so easy but they never stay on my nails. They do look fab though xx

  6. AAAAAh they look so nice! I so wish my nails were a normal shape so I could wear them lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. These look really good - my nails are terrible so this would be fab for a wedding

  8. Oh wow these fit so well, and don't look stuck on at all!

  9. Oh these are cute - my nails are a mess right now x

  10. They look so good and they sound pretty good too. I’m anti acrylic after an accident with mine that’s sworn me off for life. Definitely going to try these.

  11. Your nails look great and I love how easy these ones are to apply x

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