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25 February 2018

Oh it's a bit of an iffy time to be writing about these guys isn't it? Deciem R U Ok Hun? Will you ever get some Hylauronic Acid in stock mate? For those of you who don't know, The Ordinary is a brand owned by parent company Deciem (who is having some erm, issues atm) The Ordinary is a beauty brand that focuses on the chemistry and biochemistry involved in creating skincare and cosmetics for specific issues and areas that allow you to create a skincare routine based on your skin's direct needs. 

One of my Favourite things about The Ordinary is the packaging; there;'s just something so cool about the little chemistry bottles and the no-fuss branding oozes confidence in the product's abilities (the only downside to this is that you can often get your products mixed up and use some acid as your primer and vice versa). My second favourite thing about The Ordinary is the affordability of each product, before I tried them I assumed that they were some proper high-end super expensive brand that there would be no point looking at because I wouldn't be able to afford it (cough Khiels cough) but low and behold, I kid you not, each product is under a tenner with most being just over a fiver, a fiver I say! My final favourite thing is that Deciem doesn't test on animals or sell in China because they're proper ethical like that. I try to be cruelty free, tbh I could try a hell of a lot harder and it really inspires me to make more of a conscious effort when I see brands doing so. 

One thing that could arguably put people off The Ordinary is in fact, the packaging - the no nonsense descriptions can easily make you think "WTF is that and what to do I do with it" I mean if someone gave me a bottle of Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% I'd be a bit confused, right? Don't fret though pet, The Ordinary's website is a amazing for finding out exactly what each product is, what it does and when to use it. You can easily whizz through each product from Retinoids, to Acids (don't be scared by putting acid on your face btw, it's dead good) to the colours (or foundations) and decide what you think would be best for your skin. I've been desperate to get my hands on the Hylauronic Acid because it's meant to be the best thing for dry skin but being such a coveted product means that it's out of stock at Cult Beauty and there's a long wait list from The Ordinary's site - I could shop further afield but I also shouldn't be shopping. 

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

I started using The Ordinary in the early stages of my pregnancy when I was producing too much sebum and had these oily little sebum spots popping up all over my face; they were unlike my usual dry-skin spots and didn't react at all well with my skincare at the time and started to make me feel a little self conscious. Thankfully my absolute Bae sent me some Niacinamide to help clear this up and it worked wonders. Being slightly gel-like in texture the Niacinaminde comes in a drip bottle for easy application to specific areas or, use all over the face if needs be. Developed to reduce the visability of  sebum activity and the appearance of blemishes with the help of the Niacinamide Zinc - in the product spec, The Ordinary advise that the Niacinamide is not a treatment for sebum activity but something that can be used to reduce blemishes and brighten skin; they recommend using Salycylic Acid to actually treat spots. 

I noticed the Niacinamide work straight away on reducing the blemishes of my skin; more recently, I've grown this gargantuan spot on my nose that no amount of concealer was going to cover - it was almost as big as my bump. After a few days of shoving some Niacinamide on it, the redness and swelling dramatically reduced and I felt like I could leave the house again. I did notice that it dried out the area quite a lot which wasn't necessarily a bad thing as it seemed to also dry the mountain out but this is something that I would bear in mind if you have dry skin and are thinking of using this. I would also suggest using it on specific areas rather than all over your skin especially if it's sensitive to dryness. If you're prone to blemishes and are looking for an affordable and fast acting solution this is the product for you...and it looks cool.

High-spreadability Fluid Primer 

This primer is said to use adaptive silicones to "act as a matte, hydrating blurring primer that looks higher in definition and adheres for longer" I was keen to try this primer as I've found that most silicone primers can be oily and this one is oil free and water based which is perfect for my constantly thirsty skin. Naturally this primer is the perfect match for the Coverage Foundation but I have found that its not the best of mates with other foundations and definitely not with powders. Once I had applied this and my foundation I found that I had to give it a few moments to set or, give it a final blend with some setting spray sprayed on a brush before I could apply my powder contour and highlight - without doing this I noticed that the powder would react with the primer and go lumpy and create a cakey look which is never a good look. 

The primer, unsurprisingly has a silicone texture too it and I find that it works best as a base when allowed to go slightly tacky before applying foundation - this ensures that the foundation stays on top of it rather than mixes in. A little also goes a long way, apply too much and you're left with a gooey face waiting for it to dry so you can apply some foundation. The Ordinary say that you can wear this alone to create a blurred effect on blemishes - I didn't notice this but my skin is pretty blemished at the moment so maybe it was a bit of a challenge. I'm really keen to try the Serum Foundation that is said to work really well with dry skin but it seems to be another highly coveted product. 

Coverage Foundation 

I read somewhere that Holly Willobooby's go-to foundation is this and she always looks alright on the tele so I thought I'd give it a bash. After reading rave reviews I was expecting miracles and I think I expected too much without taking my skin into consideration as I didn't find this full-coverage foundation full-coverage, when I see something described as full-coverage I want to be barely recognisable, like gimme a new face please thanks hun! - Like I said maybe I'm expecting too much. Ordering foundation online is always a barrel of laughs isn't it? The Ordinary make it pretty easy though with a wide range of shades (could be better for POC in IMO but couldn't almost everyone *eye roll*) with the inclusion of tone which is brilliant as accidental too warm or cold tones can be easily avoided. After scrutinising a load of swatches I decided that I was around about a 1.1N a neutral pale shade and I was pretty much bang on. The Ordinary are honest with their shade descriptions and this didn't oxidise at all and applied like a dream on top of the primer. The only thing I did notice was that it wasn't settling too well on my nose and my greasy pored were becoming visible underneath as the day went on - however, the afore mentioned mountain spot was an indicator that all was not right around this region at the time. 

I applied the foundation with a damp and dry beauty blender and realised that it worked best dry - maybe the damp sponge reacted with the primer but I found it was much easy to apply dry in a pressing motion and then blended with a brush and the addition of some setting spray to help it dry a little quicker. Overall, I'm happy with the foundation, I think that for the price it's an absolute bargain but it does take a little bit of getting used when used in conjunction with the Silicone primer (hence my interest in the serum foundation)


  1. I've only tried one product from The Ordinary and it didn't wow me - that said, I do plan on placing another order at some point! xx

  2. I want to try them, but after seeing you wear the CC cream I want that one back out my stash more now lol, the primer looks fun though, I want to try the ordinary soon, I feel like I am missing out!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I was really impressed with the foundation! xx

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