A Guide to my Pinterest Account

Pinteret is bloody brilliant, it's like sneak peak at people's schematic thought processes; you can almost see what weird stuff they've searched for and how quickly they've fallen into a Pinterest hole and come out with seven different boards dedicated to things that you'd never expect them to be into. My Pinterest is just the same, it highlights my obsession with cleaning routines (that I never follow) and my deep desire to get a cat tattoo. I do try and use it professionally to promote my blog but Pinterest hooks you on as soon you land on your homepage and there's a plethora of images similar to the ones you've already added to your boards and suddenly you're frantically pinning away and before you know it you've created 6 more boards for 'inspo' and it's 6am and your eyes hurt and you need to stop. With all this in mind, I thought I'd give you all a little guide to some of my boards and explain how I ended up creating them at 4am on a Thursday morning.

A Guide to my Pinterest Account

Cleaning Routines

I had to mention this board because it seems so ridiculous but it's actually really useful, I just don't really need a whole board with what is essentially the same information on it. Cleaning routines are guides that advise you what areas of each room you should clean each day and in what order to to ensure that you have a smooth cleaning process. It sounds very 50's housewife doesn't it, but that's the vibe I'm going for lately so don't hate. I like to convince myself that I'll perfectly follow one of these routines and get stuck in a really good habit of staying on top of everything but the truth is, I don't look at any of them until late at night in bed and then think "Shit, I don't remember the last time I wiped down my skirting boards". 

Cat Tattoos 

I want a cat tattoo to commemorate Albie and Cecil, the only problem is that I have no idea where I want it and Pinterest doesn't help with that because it turns out there's a million places to have the most stunning cat tattoos and if I stayed in the land of cat tattoos on Pinterest for too long I'd probably end up with a cat sleeve and leg and maybe even getting fangs put in and my eye shape changed, do you see how slippery this slope is? Feel free to slide down my cat tattoo board if you're looking for some, ehem..inspo though. 

Grey Bedroom Ideas 

This was a board that was genuinely used in my actual real life - I've mentioned my love for all things grey before and when we (I was) were making decisions on how to redecorate the bedroom I looked to Pinterest for LEGIT INSPO; I had a picture in my head of how I wanted it to look but it's very hard to describe things to Luke as he seems to have very little imagination and takes everything literally (soz hun but you do) thankfully, Pinterest came through and searching 'grey bedroom ideas' came up with a range of paint shades, accessories, and easy ways to introduce grey into a room and before Luke knew it he was driving me to B&M and carrying tins of grey paint around for me. We now have the grey bedroom of my dreams (minus a couple of bits of furniture that I'm keeping an eye out for) so thanks Pinterest!

A Guide to my Pinterest Account

Pretty Ears 

I mean, c'mon only on Pinterest is it ok to have a massive collection of photos of people's ears. Imagine if these were all saved onto my desktop or something, how weird would that be? I have a thing for ear piercings, I don't have many myself (5) but I plan on getting some more - not being massively into piercings means that I don't know the names so pinning eight of the same infographic explaining this makes perfect sense. I also like to have an idea of how it'd look with other piercings and with different types of studs so I need a good couple of dozen images there really *face palm* it's during this point of the pretty ears search that you can easily find yourself in the land of themed ears - yep, that's a thing and suddenly you need a space themed ear with planet and star studs and the next thing you're in a tattoo shop in your lunch break getting stabbed in the ear. 

Fridge Organisation 

How do I say 'I like looking at how people organise their fridges on the internet in the early hours of the morning' it's definitely not something you'd say at work is it. But I do it, I really do it. I am dreaming of a properly organised fridge like the ones in this board I just to work out what size containers I need for what we have and where to get them from that doesn't cost the earth - fridge storage can be surprisingly pricey you know! 

Cleaning Hacks 

This is one of my favourite boards, when we moved into our flat the loo looked minging because there was a massive hard water stain covering the whole of the bottom of the pan - we used to cover it by having those foamy toilet things in there all the time but after a while it started to bug me so I looked up how to get rid of it and now I can tell you all about the different uses of caustic soda, lemon juice and vinegar - just call me Kim my love! 

So there you have it, an insight into a few of my Pinterest boards and the thought processes behind them. Give me a follow if you're into cats, cleaning and ears maybe we could be pals. 


  1. My pinterest account features hedgehogs, penguins, my dream wedding and a lot of Christmas pins xx

  2. I love figuring out new ways to organise my fridge and kitchen cupboards! Sadly, it's my parents fridge and kitchen cupboards so every time i organise them they get messed up again in seconds!

  3. Cleaning hacks and cleaning routines that I never get around to actually putting into practice is my life :) xxx

  4. I like to pretend that my pinterest isn't yellow but it totally is. Also, you need to get a cat tattoo, that will be SO cute! Also, I have a thing for watching cleaning hacks and not using them, my house is a tip lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I just followed you, mine is https://www.pinterest.co.uk/theprettifulblog/

    Mine is mostly beauty, and wishlists, and fashion inspo!

  6. I don’t use Pinterest at all! I know it’s really popular tho...maybe I’m missing out!
    Em x

  7. I have never been able to get into pinterest! I know I'm missing out but I can't get my head around it xx


  8. I suck at pinterest, have saved this to come back to tonight and actually pull my finger out x

  9. I go through fits and starts of using it.
    I need to make a continued effort.