Episiotomy and Tear Care

23 April 2018

For those that don't know, an Episiotomy is a surgical cut made at the opening of the vagina during childbirth, to aid a difficult delivery and prevent rupture of tissues. Not only did I get an Episiotomy but also tore (ruptured some tissues). This lead to me getting some pretty snazzy stitches all over the place and those of you who follow me on Insta will know how my down there bits are doing thanks to my Faj Updates. Episiotomies and Tears usually heal well and easily with stitches but due to the awkward location of my tear (scroll down for my brilliant diagram) I burst my stitches...twice, ended up with two infections and pretty much hated my life for a couple of weeks but this post is going to be a  guide on getting over a butchered faj and tips on not getting it infected because sharing is caring.
Episiotomy and Tear Care

1. I would strongly advise going into hospital expecting some kind of tear / cut down there and taking your own pain relief. After popping a baby out you're pretty much buzzing your tits off on adrenaline, not to mention gas & air and the local anaesthetic that might've been used to stitch you up but it won't be long (give it an hour after you're moved to the maternity ward) that those stitches with start stinging like bitches and you can guarantee that you'll have to ask for some pain relief a good six times before you get any. Stock up on ibuprofen and paracetamol to save yourself the pain - make sure you tell the staff what you've taken though. 

2. A lot of people advise that you hold a pad over your stitches when you pee to make you feel more secure and to avoid any pee making it sting - if you're really anxious about it then just stand in the shower and gently point the shower head at your faj or, sit in a shallow bath an pee. It might not seem like the most dignified option but it's definitely soothing and saves a lot of post-pee nerves. It took three weeks before I was brave enough to pee in the loo and I still have a bath-wee a day to keep infection at bay. 

3. Take photos of your faj, not even joking. Having photos ensures that you can keep track of your healing as well as consult your Mum or your blogger mate (shout out to Fran) if you think there's any concerns. My mum took a photo of mine when my stitches first burst with green pus oozing out of it, she went and showed Luke who swiftly carted me off to the GP. 

4. Don't be scared of it, I was too afraid to look down there, I knew it was a mess but it was also something that I didn't want to face. I think I knew there was something wrong going by the amount of pain I was in and the smell but I was too scared to look. Thank goodness my Mum looked when she did because my infection was pretty bad and the GP was very close to admitting me.

Episiotomy and Tear Care

5. Talk about it, talk to other mums about your experience ask about theirs and share tips and advice, I thought I was going through and absolute nightmare on my own until I talked about it and heard some horror stories from other people that made my tear seem like a paper cut. 

6. Give yourself time, after my birth I think I thought I was a bit invincible and was up and about far too soon - stitches in such a delicate area especially ones to the side like mine can so very easily become undone - my second set unravelled as I stepped out of the bath. Don't bend down to pick things up off the floor, don't walk too much and don't rush to pick up your baby - they can cry for a few more seconds if it makes you take a little more care. 

7. Your first few poops will terrify you but your womb won't fall out, I promise. 

8. Air your faj; wrapping yourself up in leggings and massive pads might be want you want to do but let's be honest, it's pretty damp and grim down there and it's perfect atmosphere to breed infection. At least once a day for a good 20 minutes to half an hour lie on a towel with your legs apart and get some air down there, it feels weird and it's probably best to do it when you're not expecting visitors. 

9. If you end up with an open wound that can't be re-stitched and you feel like you're walking around like an extra from the Walking Dead be assured that it will heal, it might take a while, it will hurt and it won't look as pretty afterwards but you'll probably be used to the pain and pads by now.


  1. All your talking about airing your Faj has made me want to air mine, no idea why lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Free the vaj!!! Haha!!! So important to write about these things Issy i'm sure there are others out there who are suffering the same way you are!! Xoxo


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