Latest In Beauty: A Beauty Box The Way A Beauty Box Should Be

20 April 2018

I'm a sucker for a good Beauty Box but I often find that the novelty soon wears off after a couple of months and I'm left with a load of mini products I'm not interested in using. When Latest in Beauty offered to send me a box I was a little skeptical but was soon surprised to find a decent sized box packed to the brim with a range of amazing products, none of which I'll be casting aside.

Latest In Beauty: A Beauty Box The Way A Beauty Box Should Be

How it works 

Create a profile with Latest in Beauty and answer specific questions about you preferences, skin tone and type etc. to receive personalised recommendations. Latest in Beauty have a curated selection of product featuring twenty nine brands, select three, six or nine of your favourite products to include in your box or, buy a one of collection box - this is what I really like about Latest in Beauty, having the option of buying a one off special box rather than having to subscribe appeals to me and my bank balance. 

How Much

You can choose between three subscriptions with Latest in Beauty:
Beauty Novice - £9.00 per month - receive your three favourite products 
Beauty Enthusiast - £15.00 per month - receive your six favourite product 
Beauty Guru - £18.00 per month - receive your nine favourite products 

Latest In Beauty: A Beauty Box The Way A Beauty Box Should Be

The Mother and Daughter Collection Box 

I was sent the Mother and Daughter Collection Box with the intention of having a little pamper session with my Mum when she came to stay once the baby was born - as he was 11 days overdue I cracked the box open early and started using some of the products. There are some in there that I am waiting to try once my wound has healed such as the shower gels and scrubs but I'm already using a few drops of the bath oil when I soak my wounds and I love the Sally Hansen shade. The room mist is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere when I want to nap or chill and The Body Shop Butter is so soothing. Overall the contents of this box are worth over £100, you can buy it here for £25 or, have a look at the other collection boxes like, the Britain's Next Top Model Box and Date Night Box.

Box Contents 

Sen Spa Relaxing Bath and Body Oil
The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter
Sanctury Spa Salt Scrub
The Body Shop Muslin Cleansing Cloth
Dr. Organic Hand & Nail Elixir
Perfectil Plus Nails Extra Support
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Micro Fine Exfoliating Facial Scrub
Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender
Philosophy Amazing Grace bath and shower gel and fragrance
Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
Grow Gorgeous 11 - in - 1 Cleansing Conditioner
58 Lifestyle Uplifting Room Mist with extracts of jasmine and geranium
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Powder Room 

Latest In Beauty: A Beauty Box The Way A Beauty Box Should Be

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  1. AAAAAH IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!! I feel like I am the only person to have not got one of these and I might need to change that lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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