Rediscovering Fragrances

During the first stages of my pregnancy I went off so many fragrances; the usual dessert scented candles that I'd love suddenly made me sick followed by fruit fragrances, bacon being cooked, the green Radox bubblebath, my favourite perfumes and my shampoo. This wasn't ideal during the festive season when you expect all the gift sets and I was worried that I would be permanently put off my favourite smells.
This post is in collaboration with Clive Christian

Once my little bundle of joy had arrived I was surprised to find that my favourite perfume was suddenly my favourite again and everything seemed to smell...different. Since then I have been enjoying rediscovering fragrances and finding out what I like and don't like. I seem to have a new found love for deeper rich scents rather than the fruity florals that I used to favour. This is something to bare in mind if you're looking to buy anything scented for a pregnant person or new mother; whilst I am enjoying the process of finding new scents, I would hate to be gifted something that I absolutely hated - some fragrance brands sell sets of a variety of scents or miniatures such as Jo Malone, So...? and Clive Christian's gift sets for her

At the moment I seem to be obsessed with smells - I have a wax burner in almost every room of our flat each burning a different smell ranging from strawberry to fresh cotton to coffee; now that I have my usual sense of smell back certain odours are heightened which can go two ways. The smell of bacon still knocks me sick as well as the smell of pumpkin or pumpkin spice, I'm starting to enjoy fruity fragrances again but am still a little cautious, there are some dessert scents I like but I think it's notes of vanilla that put me off.

My most used perfume when I was pregnant was Black Opium by YSL and all my time favourite - truth by Calvin Klein was pushed aside for a good 6 months before I wanted to use it, my second favourite, Daisy by Marc Jacobs was devastatingly too heavy. The same applied to Luke's aftershaves - ironically ones that I had bought for him were my least favourites and ones that I previously weren't too keen on were suddenly my preferred options. 

The smell of Subway had to be my least favourite smell during my entire pregnancy - there was something about subway sandwiches that regardless of what filling, bread or sauce I had, I would be violently ill and the smell coming from the stores would remind of that and make me run past with my hands over my nose - very recently I braved having a Subway again and all was well which was a massive relief. 

I can't end a post about favourite smells without mentioning that coveted newborn baby head smell because oh my god - it is as amazing as everyone says and if someone could put that in a bottle it'd be fab. 

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  1. I LOVE the subway smell! I cannot believe you hated it you poor thing! I love the YSL scent though, they are so so nice!

    Erin || MakeErinOver