A full* face of Revolution Makeup & I Heart Makeup

31 May 2018

Ok so first of all, my brows, mascara and eyeliner aren't Revolution Beauty but everything else on mah face is. I thought it'd be fun and a little different to do a full face post of the same brand rather than focus on just one product. After seeing people rave about the stick foundation, I decided to treat myself to a little haul from Tam Beauty (which took an absolute age to arrive). Keep scrollin, scrollin scrolling to see what I got and whether I think it was worth it. 

The Soph x Palette 

My pal Lucy came round to visit when Freddie was a couple of weeks old and not only did she bring a him a cute little outfit but she treated me to this palette (as well as two facemasks, a costa and a trifle) because she's dead sweet like that. This palette has since become one of my most used on daily basis and as with most Revolution Make-up Palettes it's strong competition with the high end beauties that proudly sit in my palette drawer and has earned it's place with them. The palette consists of 24 professional eye shadows ranging from cool brown tones to warmer orange and reds with nine glitter shades from bronze to purple to green that have the best pigmentation I've seen in a glitter shade in a while. I am currently living for the gold glitter shade with a light smokey eye. Every shade blends like a dream and the staying power is amazing - even with the glitter shades and there is little to no fall out allowing you to apply them over foundation if you need to. 

Unicorn Highlighter (We Heart Make Up)

I had to get this highlighter - it's so bloody cute that I couldn't resist, it's also a really decent rainbow highlighter - I found that it does need quite a bit of blending to make sure it doesn't look like a random line of shimmer on my face but it has an amazing finish that perfectly catches the light thanks to those rainbow tones. 

Ultra Contour Stick 

I've been using this pretty much every day too - the concealer / highlight shade is a little dark for me but the contour shade is perfect for me with or without a tan and blends in perfectly without leaving a dodgy line. The formula is creamy without disappearing when it's blended and lasts all day. 

Elite VIP Lipstick 

I am so in love with this lipstick and I cannot rave about it enough - it's the perfect nude in the whole of the land and a dreamy creamy formula that doesn't dry out my lips or cling to dry skin and make lips crinkle up like Morty when he plays Roy. This has lived in my handbag for around three months and has made me feel terrible about the expensive lippies I've bought over the past year that are literally gathering dust - soz Tilbs. 

Fast Base Stick Foundation 

Every blogger and her cat have been banging on about this foundation for months and I can't blame them, the coverage is as good as they say and I am alright with that. I did find that it went a little patchy around my oily pores on my nose but it survived a very wet and windy walk back when we were trying to get Freddo out of my belly and I don't know if I can ask for much more than that. I was surprised at how easy it was to blend, I expected a stick foundation to be a harder consistency but it was so easy to blend in to a smooth finish and the coverage is as as good as the Becca Foundation i reviewed here

Liquid Highlighter 

I haven't used a liquid highlighter before so I don't have much to compare this too but it certainly does what it says on the tin and provides a nice rose gold glow that lasts all day and and can be applied either over or under foundation depending on the intensity of the glow required.  

Revolution Make Up have made me fall back in love with drug store makeup *bank balance breathes a sigh of relief* for me, Revolution Make up is the one brand that you can trust most if not all of their products and they're one of the cheapest brands out there. 


  1. Makeup Revolution are absolutely fantastic! The Sophdoesnails is the one palette I always reach for when I don’t have an eye look in mind.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  2. Love it!Think il go have a shop :)!

  3. I must admit they have been completely smashing it recently! I LOVE their concealer, and I just need to go in and try more from them, because right now they are doing nothing wrong!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I need that lipstick - it's got my name alllll over it! Such a nice looking palette too, oh and the highlighter...screw it, I'll get it all!! x

  5. I really want to try the liquid highlighter, and the lipstick looks so good too!

  6. I’m dying to try the stick foundation still.
    Must be the only person who hasn’t!


  7. I love the unicorn highlighter although it looks to pretty to use!
    Em x

  8. I've been looking for an affordable contour stick just like this for ages! x

  9. I really want to try the liquid highlights. Keep debating grabbing them. Xx


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