We need a post-partum pamper

I think most new Mums will tell you that there's nothing you want more than a post-partum pamper but these kinds of things don't come cheap and for most of us, maternity pay is more of a budgeting test than actual help. Pregnancy really takes it out of you and having my bits ruined wasn't the only part of me that suffered during the growing and birth of our little bundle of joy. 
This post is in collaboration with Groupon


They were the first things I noticed to go to the dogs when I became pregnant, my gums bled at every given opportunity and I noticed that they became more discoloured and crooked; I vowed that I would finally get this fixed once I was back on my feet and although general dental care is free for me at the moment, cosmetic treatment isn't but I've turned to my beloved Groupon and found some really good teeth whitening offers here I've also been looking at invisi-line braces on various finance packages but will probably wait until I'm back at work to commit to this.  


My hair has suffered terribly, aside from the fact that I haven't had it cut in nearly eleven months, the drop in hormones has caused my hair to go awfully dry so I think I need a good cut and conditioning treatment and maybe a slight restyle - my side fringe is far too much bother these days so I need that sorting out and a good couple of inches chopping off to get it back in good condition. 


Urgh I don't know where to start with these. Pregnancy meant that I couldn't buy all the nice clothes that I was lusting over in the shops so I started treating myself to acrylics each month. These, combines with the hormone changes have turned my nails to discoloured crumbly messes that are in desperate need of a good mani and break from acrylics.


A pregnancy massage would've gone down wonderfully but all my hints were ignored, I think I still deserve one now though as well as a facial and hot stone therapy and possibly a spa day or spa week, or maybe two weeks in the Caribbean! This is going to far, I'm heading back to Groupon!


  1. Its so important to look after yourself but I guess its one of the last things on the list!
    Em x

  2. Get yourself a massage pronto - I had two in pregnancy and then some afterwards and they were the best thing ever for refreshing! x

  3. Get yourself a massage ASAP! Trest yourself! :D

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. You deserve it lovely! Definitely take some time for a pamper!

  5. I can’t think of a person who deserves a pamper more.
    The things women go through.


  6. You definitely deserve some pampering! A massage sounds wonderful x