10 Things to expect at a Blogging Event

I've been to a few events over the past couple of years and particularly  Scarlett London events such as, Blogcon, The Bloggers Ball and The Bloggers Festival which have become big calendar events in the blogging world. In the weeks up to the big day twitter is awash with excited bloggers planning outfits, meeting up and generally looking forward to the fun. For some, events like this can feel daunting, even if you're going with pals the thought of networking with brands, meeting people IRL and not being awkward in front of those big bloggers can make your tummy feel iffy. Here's 10 things to expect at a blog event. 

1. Don't expect to recognise people; you think you're going to memorise everyone's twitter DP, you won't and you could suddenly feel like you're in a room full of random people but that's okay, you'll soon spot someone

2. Talk to brands, they're there to get to know bloggers and see who they might want to work with, not to hand out freebies. Get some business cards made or print off your details so they can contact you and don't forget to be confident and sell yourself

3. Expect everyone to be staring, people are either trying to work out who you are or, they're just a touch too shy to go and talk to you. If someone is obviously waving and they're not someone you haven't had beef with (lolz) give them a wave

4. Remember that even bloggers with 8 million followers will feel nervous and slightly uncomfortable in these situations, go over and say hello don't be scared that they won't want to speak to you

5. Expect a flower wall and get your arse in there for a photo - it's what they're there for and everyone will be having a go. Watch how some of the pros do it if you're looking for some posing tips.

6. There will be groups of mates but don't feel intimidated, if you see someone in a group who you admire or know online say hello - there's nothing better than having someone come up to you and tell you they like your content, do the same and pass it on

7. Everyone will be wearing different things, fashion bloggers will be going all out and looking amazing, others will look just as good and then there'll be the blogger with the baby wearing the t-shirt covered in dribble (that's me) don't stress over your outfit too much and wear what you're going to feel comfortable in

8. Expect people to be taking photos everywhere and of everything and don't be shy to get involved yourself. Insta-story the event, get your camera out - it's the one place where everyone understands your need to take photos of everything

9. Don't expect to leave with bags of swag, brands are great and freebies are a fantastic bonus but meeting people who inspire you and people who you've developed friendships with is the best bit

10. Expect to see the organiser of the event rushing around and make sure that if you get the chance you say hello and thank you because these events take a lot of organising


  1. This is so good to know! I'm still brand new to blogging but events sound so exciting and like so much fun! x

    Rachel | rachelemmablog.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I've never been to one, I think I would be utterly terrified lol, but then I would totally go to meet you, and cuddle Freddie too obviously lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver