The Hair Secretz JoJo Siwa Brush

7 June 2018

When Hair Secretz offered to send a brush from the JoJo Siwa collection I knew just the person to ask to help. My friend Tali is the biggest JoJo Siwa fan I know and has the most gorgeously perfect hair to put it to the test and that is exactly what she did. 

This brush was gifted but all thoughts are mine and Tali's 
For those of you that don't know, JoJo Siwa is an american YouTuber with an impressive 6million followers,  she began her career on Dance Moms and has since gone on to create her own music videos addressing issues like bullying as well as released her own collection of bows (her trademark look). JoJo seems like a really good role model for young people and having collections like this Hair Secretz one readily available in stores like B&M for a really affordable price of £7.99 make these kinds of products more accessible for all parents. 

The JoJo Siwa brush has been created with an ergonomic shape, storage for hair clips and double sided bristles. One side of bristles is to de-tangle hair or comb through wet hair with three different heights of bristles to ensure all the hair is brushed through. The other side of the brush is for styling and smoothing hair to provide a finished look. 

What did Tali think?

Tali chose the Hearts and Bows design and here's what she thought:

This brush is ideal for long hair . It has two sides on the brush . You simply take the middle of it out and change it over to the other side . One side is great for styling your hair the other is great to detangle it . It’s basically two brushes in one ! It’s pretty design is eye catching and girly and the brush is comfortable to hold too . Perfect size for handbag or if going to the gym / swimming .


Here's the brush along with some of Tali's other JoJo Siwa goodies 


  1. These are SO cute! But AJ HATES Jojo lol, I would totally have one, but he would kill me lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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