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4 June 2018

I've always been a bit funny about baby carriers and worried about their safety, it's hard to get a baby into a carrier without thinking that you're going to drop them, or is that just me? When Freddie first arrived my my Mum bought us a great carrier that Luke loves carrying Freddie around in but I find that it squishes my boobs and pulls on my back which completely put me off. This was a shame as I didn't want Freddie to spend every time we go out in his pram not actually seeing what was going on around him. But that's all changed thanks to the Izmi carrier that Cheeky Rascals sent us.

The first thing I noticed about the Izmi carrier was how freaking easy it is to put on and how thin and light it is. I didn't need to sit down for four hours with two coffees and stare at the instructions until my soul left my body - I literally had quick look and then popped the carrier on like I was a super Mum of eight and did this all the time. The next step getting Freddie in it which again was dead easy, the Izmi carrier wraps over Freddie so rather than trying to have bend his limbs into it, it closes over him so I can hold him in place with one arm and get him secured with the other. 

If you follow us on Instagram (which you totally should because my Stories are legendary - I was told this at Blogcon on Saturday) you'll have seen our first impressions of the Izmi carrier. To fully test it out we went for a shopping trip and a walk around the Embankment in Bedford. Pulling up at Tesco and not having to pop the pram up was a bit of a novelty (Luke was carrying the shopping so iIjust got to point at things and play with Freddie) it was so much easier to pop Freddie in the carrier and have a good wander around without manoeuvring around trolleys and crashing into people, Freddie had the time of his life too, being upright and able to see everything that was going on really stimulated him and he particularly enjoyed the coffee isle (go on lad). Once we'd shoved the shopping in the car we took a wander to the embankment, I'd already made sure that Luke had change in his pocket because my our plan was to walk to the ice cream van and back. 

Freddie nodded off pretty quickly in the sunshine and his head was completely secure allowing me to scoff my ice cream, Instagram the baby geese and not worry about him falling out. The key feature that makes the Izmi carrier different to other carriers is the fact that baby is completely resting on you, with no material or fabric between - not only does this provide comfort for baby, it's also much more comfortable for me and not squishing my chest. I also noticed that my back didn't hurt at all, some carriers, no matter how well you secure them can just make you feel 9 months pregnant all over again which is never idea 12 weeks post-partum, after a good 45 minutes use with the Izmi carrier I didn't feel a thing and Freddie seemed completely relaxed. 

I'll be travelling up north in two weeks to stay with my Mum and Freddie and I are braving the train on our own, the Izmi carrier folds really neatly into a small draw-string bag which means that it'll easily fit under the pram or in his changing bag and give us more options of getting out and about when we're they're. This is by far the best way of baby wearing that I've tried yet, wrapping didn't feel secure enough for me and the other carrier we had is too clunky but the Izmi Carrier is just right like baby bear's porridge. 

For now, Freddie can only be carried facing me but the Izmi Carrier can be used multiple ways and I'm excited to have him front facing so that he can really get a good look around and take it all in, we're going on holiday in Wales in July when he's 5 months old and plan to do a lot of walking, the Izmi Carrier will definitely be coming with us and hopefully we'll be able to try the side and front-facing carry positions. 

If you're looking for a versatile carrier that has the intimacy and security of wrap then the Izmi carrier is exactly what you need, shop the Izmi rang here


  1. Oh my goodness he is SO cute! And it looks so comfy in there! His little sleepy face is too sweet :)

  2. This looks fab! He’s so sweet just tucked away in there. So much easier than prams!

  3. I never did baby carrying but you pull it off and look fab x

  4. Freddie looks so cozy in there!!
    Em x


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