Train Travels with a Three Month Old

18 June 2018

I am the queen of making stupid decisions, I'm not competitive but I like to challenge myself and seeing as this parenting lark is going quite well I thought it'd be a good idea to take a three month old baby on a three hour train journey with three changes a suitcase, a nappy bag and all the other heaps of shit these tiny little beings need to cart around with them at all times. Here's how it went. 

The first challenge was working out how much stuff I could physically take, Freddie is too big for the lie down pram part of his buggy so until he can hold his neck up on his own I use the car seat attached to the frame which makes getting him up and down the stairs of our building easier too. I packed in advance because that's what you have to do when you have kids and worked out how much stuff I could ram into his nappy bag, my stuff was a problem, - I planned on using my Ebay-Kanken for it but the weather forecast for Crewe (our final destination) kept changing so I had to pack for every possible weather. I managed to prop my small pink suitcase in the end of the pram and get all of mine and Freddie's clothes for the week tightly rolled up inside. Freddie very much enjoyed kicking the suitcase at any given opportunity which wasn't annoying at all. I forced the rain cover and our coats and my make-up bag in the bottom of the pram and prayed to the travel gods that no one would make me collapse the buggy because I wouldn't have anywhere to put anything. After loading the buggy up like a life-size game of buckaroo I stood back and waited to see if it would tip over, I figured that there would be nothing more embarrassing that tipping Freddie and the stuff over on a busy platform and was thrilled to find that it didn't budge at all. With the final checks completed we marched off to the station to catch our first train of the day. 

We made it to the station in good time and even had time for a coffee (me, not Fred) we found our first train easy peasy and managed with a little help from the train man (I have no idea what they're called these days) There was plenty of room for the pram in the luggage area and I took Freddie out and sat him on my lap where he babbled away telling me about his thoughts on Brexit, Peppa Pig and the Burlington Bunker. When arrived at the first stop the Dr that delivered Freddie and saved both our lives got on the train, he sat next to us and asked how were doing and chatted with Fred, about forceps, his night shift and the weather. When we arrived at Bletchley we obviously pulled into the only platform without a lift (sort it out Bletchley) I had a little panic wondering what to do but the lovely Dr lifted up the pram and my suitcase (with Freddie inside) and carried it to our next platform, he wished the family well and then went off like a super hero. I cannot thank that man enough for everything that he has done for us, after a 12 hour shift and delivering five babies he casually carried Freddie across a station, God bless the NHS. 

The next train wasn't anything to write home about, it was a five minute quick ride to Milton Keynes where we'd get the big train up north. Again, I had ensured that we'd arrived in plenty of time, there's nothing worse than rushing around a station to find a train on your own let alone with a baby and every. single. thing. he. owns. We even had time to pop to Subway to get provisions for the train. We found our platform easily and after shouting "SCUUUUSE ME" to an alarmed looking young man we got some help getting Freddie onto the rammed train. We were gutted to find that there weren't any seats available but I quickly decided that it was tough shit and made us as comfy as possible - it wasn't long before Freddie was due some lunch so I managed to balance myself whilst mixing his formula and get him out of his pram without dropping him, Freddie had his milk oblivious to the fact that we were sitting on the floor and burped and farted his heart away afterwards. About half an hour into the journey a man appeared out of no where and told us to go and sit with him and his wife, he moved the pram and told me not to worry about keeping an eye on it this was a relief and my arse was well happy. The couple were getting off at the next stop and before they did they helped me move the car seat to the train seat so that Freddie could be comfy and moved the pram and all of Fred's crap nearer, they were a lovely couple and commented on how calm and happy Freddie was, IDGAF what anyone says, every Mum loves it when someone comments on their baby looking happy. When we pulled into Crewe another bloke appeared and without even asking helped us off the train, it turns out they aren't all trash after all. We then marched off to my Mum's where we were completely spoilt for a week and Freddie was bought even more stuff - yay. 

The train home wasn't too bad, I treated myself to the hour long Virgin train because we all need to live a little, I stupidly thought we'd have more of a chance of getting a seat but we spent the duration of this journey on the floor. I have to say though, Virgin trains are very clean and Freddie and I had a fab time singing songs and playing with his new toys. A kind train man offered to get me a cup of tea but the thought of having to find a toilet was too much for me to deal with so I declined, he brought me a bottle of water and kept checking in on us to see if we were ok. I really appreciated this as the majority of the seated passengers were giving us filthy looks and seemed grossly inconvenienced by us sitting on the floor. When the train pulled into Milton Keynes a young couple helped us off the train and we were lucky to have Luke pick us up and not have to fanny around getting any more trains. 

Overall the journey was a massive success, thanks to kindness of all the men that took care of us throughout. Freddie had a great time and I didn't lose my mind I will definitely be making more solo trips up to Crewe in the future. 


  1. I LOVE THAT THE DOC CARRIED HIM. SO sweet! Love love love that story. I'm so impressed you managed this, you superhuman. Also Freddie is adorable. I loves him.

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. the doctor carrying him is literally the cutest thing ever. i am far too emotional for this post! i cant get over how brilliant you are and how gorgeous freddie is!

  3. You are a modern day superhero & the Dr is amazing. I absolutely love this post & need to hear more of your solo adventures! 😎


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