Why Natural Cycles is Bullshit

6 June 2018

Ahhh this is a post I've been meaning to write for a while. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that every now and then I clamber up on my high horse and get a little ranty over Influencers promoting the nonsense that our pals at Natural Cycles keep coming out with. It's a shame that influencers continue to endorse this utter claptrap but I hear Natural Cycles have a very big budgets and a strict brief and I guess we've all got bills to pay but here I am, offering you the counter-argument to Natural Cycle's 'certified' claims all for free. Aren't I a good little egg. 

What is Natural Cycles Issy? 

I hear you shout from the rooftops. Well, my sensible readers, it is an app that comes with a trendy little thermometer to measure your basal temperature, once this is done you input your data into your cute little app and like magic Natural Cycles tells you whether you're in your fertile window or not. Obviously if you're not in your fertile window and you don't want a baby you're a-good to go and vice versa if you're trying to get a bun in your oven. This is essentially the rhythm method with the inclusion of a trendy little app in true millennial style and seems ideal doesn't it? Taking your temperature every morning rather than having to buy a pack of johnnies or remember to take your pill or suffer the various side effects of hormonal contraception.

What is your Basal Temperature though?

This is your lowest body temperature in a 24 hour period and is best taken first thing in the morning before you pretty much do anything, even scroll through Insta. Your BBT slightly increases before and during ovulation to give you an indication that you're in your fertile window. However in order to even try and get a remotely reliable indication of whether your basal temperature means you're in your fertile window you'd have to track it for a few months to follow a pattern so Natural Cycles isn't an instant contraceptive at all. Your BBT isn't the only sign that your body might give to indicate ovulation / fertile window there are other things to keep an eye on such as...

Your Cervical Mucus 

Or, most commonly known as discharge and not commonly talked about because it's not the most pleasant of topics but it's actually quite clever. As a rule your cervical mucus follows three stages throughout your menstrual cycle. You might notice that it's barely there at all before your period and afterwards but a few days late makes it's return in a sticky and cloudy form (nice) following that it should become more like egg whites which is indicative of ovulation and the time that you should get to it or avoid it depending on where you stand on the bun and oven situation. Once ovulation has finished the mucus turns thicker and finally trails off to almost nothing before your menstrual bleeding starts. 

Your cervical position 

Yep, this changes throughout your cycle and the best way to work out what it's up to is to pop a finger up there and see how it feels, your cervix feels like the end of your nose and rather closed when you're not in your fertile window and more like your bottom lip and open when your are. It can be quite hard to work out exactly where your cervix and what you're feeling for to begin with but you soon get used to it. 

Why are you so pissy about Natural Cycles Issy? 

Well my wise readers, if you've been here for a while you'll know that I went through quite a stressful period for two years when Luke and I were trying for a baby, you can read all about it here. During this time I was advised by my Doctors to track all aspects of my cycle including my BBT and cervical mucus and positioning to make sure that we were actually trying at the right time. As far as I was aware we were, my BBT was following the same pattern along with my mucus and position. I had a scan that showed there was nothing visibly wrong with my reproductive organs and Luke's sperm test had come back with A* results but we still couldn't get pregnant. 

It wasn't until three month's worth of blood tests later that we discovered that I wasn't actually ovulating at all, my body was showing all the signs but medically I was infertile. Which, brings me back to my beef with Natural Cycles. The method, albeit very risky can work if you know for a fact that you're fertile in the first place. I wouldn't have a problem with Natural Cycles paying influencers to promote their product if they also paid for them to have a full, three month minimum hormone profile made to ensure that they're actually fertile in the first place which, would guarantee that their cute little app is actually working. At the moment they're taking the credit for people not getting preggo when the reality is that it might not have owt to do with them at all (let's not talk about the amount of pregnancies that they won't take credit for). If you ask me, I doubt a single influencer being paid by NC have genuinely uses it any way but the scary thing is that the people they influence might go on to use this for either contraception or to get pregnant and be bitterly disappointed in the results because Natural Cycles constantly fail to promote the facts of this method which, in turn causes Influencers to mis-inform their followers and I for one am sick of it.


  1. For me it is perfect for people in commited relationships, who have already had kids so know their bodies in that way, and don't mind if they get pregnant. So basically no one who promotes it lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Great post Issy! I don't have a massive problem with NC, just with the claims they make, especially since we all know that sperm can survive inside of our bodies for more than 24 hours, so even if your BBT is low one day and you're all for action, maybe you're ovulating the next day and....ooops :-) And I don't think that many users understand BBT (I admit I didn't know much about it until about 10 months ago).

    Maya | londondamsel.co.uk

  3. I will join you on that high horse because promoting this as a valid form of contraception is absolutely mind numbingly stupid.


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