How to complain

18 July 2018

We all get pissed off by something at some point, for me it's daily and mostly at Luke but that's a different story. Sometimes we receive a poor customer service or feel let down by a product and with the wonder that is social media it is so easy to reach out to brands and business and share our disappointment and frustrations but there is a way to do this to ensure that your complaint is understood and rectified.

Don't be a dick 

It can be hard, especially if you feel that you've suffered an injustice but the person that you're complaining to isn't usually the person who has wronged you and if you go in all guns blazing people will naturally and quite rightly get defensive and your point will get lost. You'll get an apology just to shut you up rather than because you deserve it. If someone has been a bit of a dick to you, treating someone else the same way makes you a dick too and could start of a chain of people being dicks and before you know it theres a dick epidemic and the world is full of people shouting and ranting at one another! If you follow me on twitter you'll have seen that Virgin trains kindly sent me an Alpaca walk for two and a beautiful plush Llama for Freddie; I had to spend an entire train journey sitting on the floor between carriages because there were no accessible seats for me and, no one fancied giving me a seat. I didn't expect anyone to give up a seat for me and Fred but I was annoyed that I had paid £25 to sit on the floor. I tweeted Virgin trains about this *see images below* and asked for a baby alpaca and years supply of costa - I made it clear that I was aware that the situation wasn't their fault and made a point of complimenting the staff on how accommodating they were (because they were fab) and this resulted in a nice conversation, Virgin Trains going above and beyond with the Alpaca situation and retaining my custom.

Think before you tweet 

Take time to take stock of the situation; make sure you're definitely not at fault and if you are, be reasonable and see if you can come to sort of agreement. A few years ago Luke got a parking ticket costing £35, I lived in a permitted area and in order for Luke to park for free he had to write the date he parked on weekend permit and leave it in his care. The buffoon had put the wrong date on the permit and the traffic warden, quite rightly issued a fine. This screwed up our plans as money was tight (when isn't it) and meant that rather than go to town and have a much anticipated Nando's we'd have to pay the fine. I explained this situation to the council via email and they were equally gutted that we couldn't have our Nando's date and that it was a simple mistake and we weren't trying to get away with not following the policy, the fact that I was reasonable and friendly meant that we got our fine cancelled and were told to enjoy our Nando's, we made sure we double checked any permits before we put them in the car. 

If you want to be taken seriously 

Or take your complaint further then a simple tweet won't do, you need to look up the complaints procedure and find a contact and keep a paper trail of everything as well as look the next step and how to take it further. We lived in a house owned by the Landlord from Hell and after multiple complaints to the lettings agent we had to take it to the property ombudsman, environmental health and solicitors in order to force the Landlord to take action. I had kept a paper trail of every email, text and even a transcript of recordings of meetings and photographs kept in a ring binder in chronological order - it may have seemed extreme but this meant that each external agency or professional that had to get involved could easily access the story and look at the evidence and correspondence from the beginning with ease. Intimidated by my organisation and knowledge of the process, the Landlady who was a blag artist soon came to an agreement that released us from the tenancy and left her to burn in hell with her shit hole death trap house. 

Don't feel like you can't complain 

If you feel a bit aggrieved or just have a query don't hesitate to reach out with companies, they appreciate feedback and want to clear things up (unless they're really shit) like with our parking fine situation, if you don't ask, you don't get. Good customer service and good marketing keeps businesses going - we've all been moaning about DPD and their terrible delivery service for years but since they've started issuing Sorry Biscuits I'm kind of hoping for a messed up delivery. 

Compliment as much as you complain 

We're all very quick to tear companies down and slate staff for poor service but how often do we compliment people? If someone goes out of their way for me or is having a tough time I always give them a shoutout on twitter. I don't think we compliment people enough and what goes around comes around. Recognising someone's hard work could really help them out with their career as well just make their day. 

There you have it, some tips on complaining, getting taken seriously and generally not being a dick. 


  1. I have had such issues with couriers recently, and at some point frustration gets the better of me. A llama would do though!

  2. I love this post and I loved the lengths that Virgin went to x

  3. So many good points you’ve listed. Virgin were so good with the service to do that.

  4. That's amazing that Virgin did that for you's. More companies need to be like that x

  5. I love that Virgin went out of their way to help you!
    Em x

  6. I LOVE this post. I'm the first person to complain when something isn't right, but being polite about it makes things so much better and in the end best for all parties. Loved your Virgin train story too!

  7. I love this post! I am such a complainer, sometimes I need to stop before I speak though haha so lovely of Virgin Trains! xx

  8. My best tip for complaining is know what you want out of the exchange. I get a few complaints at work and when I ask what they'd like me to do to help, they either don't know or they just wanted someone to complain to. I steer them in the direction of our complaints department! 😂😂 Xx

  9. I work in Customer services, have done for 10 years, approx. 50 different complaints per day, yeah, I deal with A LOT of complaints, but it has made me an expert in complaining lol. Best thing to do is to show you are unhappy in a constructive, polite way. Don't go in guns blazing! Love how Virgin handled your complaint! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. I love this post. It's all too often that we get a bit irate and are quick to yell & scream at companies. But sometimes the best way to get your problem solved is to be polite!


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