Money and Relationships

When I was young and my relationships consisted of having a cheeky snog behind the maths block my main concerns were, my Mum finding out and getting dumped for Kat (again). I always wanted one of those forever and ever 'til death do us part kind of gigs and thought it must be pretty easy when you're an adult but man, it's even harder. I don't have to worry about Kat anymore and my Mum knows Luke and I have kissed but there's so many extra stresses when you're in one of these proper forever types. 

This post is in collaboration with Ferratum Money 

Luke and I are pretty secure, we've had problems like anyone else and even some make or break situations and thankfully we've learnt to communicate and have accepted that we're not always a romantic pair of young lovers, we have to be a team. We have to navigate through our lives like team and make sure that we do the best for Freddie, the cats and each other. We still get stressed though, sometimes we worry about what to have for tea, sometimes we can't decide what to watch on Netflix and sometimes we get really nail-bitingly stressed about money. 

Money is always a problem and whoever says it doesn't bring you happiness is talking nonsense, gimme a fiver and watch my face light up. Truth be told, we don't really know how to communicate financially - everything can vey much end in a little row, Luke can ask for money for something perfectly reasonable like lunches and I'll throw in dig about 'if he hadn't gone to the pub last week then he'd still have money' all because I had a secret bag of swag on Boohoo that I need emptying. We have got much better, babies need stuff and maternity pay is crap so I've had to cut back on some of the Costas and I haven't even been on Boohoo in ages. All of this got me thinking about how other couples communicate financially and this infographic from Ferratum Money is really interesting.

Some ket facts that stand out to me are: 

More women (38%) would take profession into account when considering a partner in comparison to men (30%). This reminds me of when Luke and I first started dating and I thought he was properly loaded because within the first three months he booked and paid for a ten day holiday for us in Spain. Turns out he was living off a massive tax rebate that soon ran out and then I realised his salary was barely legal so I swiftly got him a new job - perks of being a Careers Adviser. 

Only 26% of women are comfortable sharing the details of their finances within the first three months of a relationship versus a whopping 45% of men. I don't know about you but I wanted to see how many Nandos I could get out of him before we got comfortable, these days he'll take my card out of my bag and tell me it's on me. 

46% of men would also be fine with sharing the details of their personal spending habits, whereas 68% of women keep their lips sealed - well that's because we don't want them to know how much that lipstick cost. I thank the lord for online shopping and also pray that Luke never comes across Beauty Bay because he will probably leave. I also have some clothes hidden in at the back of the wardrobe and when he notices I'll say 'oh this OLD thing, had it for AGES hun'. 

40% of women would not have a joint savings account with their partner because they they do not trust them enough, compared to 11% of men. Lol, I don't know about you but this is strongly connected to the stat above, IMAGINE if Luke saw how much money goes to Beauty Bay, Boohoo and Costa? It'd be terrible. 

Have a look at the infographic and see what other stats you can connect to. I'm off delete online receipts from my inbox. 


  1. It's funny because I think those stats just show that as a society women still feel like they need to be ashamed of money, and should require "looking after" I know the reason why I don't discuss it is because men seem to hate it. They either feel ashamed that you earn more than them, or are horrified by your shopping habits, either way they are judgy... can you tell I had a bad relationship tied up on money? Single is best with money. My money - I spend it how I want. MWAHAHAHAAH

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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