Friday, 26 October 2018

BLW and why it's not for us

BLW (baby led weening) is the way we're supposed to ween our little ones and get them used to exploring food and developing their hand-eye coordination. When Freddie was tiny we I looked into Traditional and BLW and decided that we were going to use a mixture of both. In theory this seemed like a wonderful idea but the reality was very different, here's why BLW just isn't for us.


Tuesday, 23 October 2018

5 ways to save money (when you have none)

Saving money is hard especially when you have no money to save but somehow, I've actually managed to save a decent amount of money for Christmas whilst on maternity leave and living on the literal breadline. When you're pretty much always broke it can be hard to find the motivation to save and this can cause a negative attitude to develop when it comes to finances and that can have a detrimental effect; I wrote about this here. This post includes some of the ways that I've managed to save a couple of hundred quid in time for Freddo's first Christmas.
This post is in collaboration with Cash Lady 


Monday, 1 October 2018

Autumn Style

After losing my mind a bit (catch up here) I'm happy to announce that I am pretty much back to normal. I've not been horrible to Luke for a while, my hair is the shade of blonde I wanted, I'm back in my pre-preggo jeans and I'm starting to actually have a life. I've even booked my return to work date, enrolled Freddie into nursery LEFT THE BABY WITH PEOPLE, got a bit drunk and have even been a bit Hinched.

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